How To Spot a Fake & Cloned Infinix Note 3

fake infinix hot note 3

Hello my distinguished reader or visitor, this article is aimed at helping you identify a fake infinix hot note 3 because the disadvantages of purchasing a fake mobile phone are more than the advantages.

To identify fake Phones is not always an easy task these days especially when you have not seen the factory made version of that particular phone.

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Fake phones are usually cheap in cost (but not every cheap phone is fake), they have malfunctioned body parts and software and the required number of system apps is not present.

Some greedy and dubious personalities are now cloning infinix hot note 3 and then selling it in the market or shops to unsuspecting buyers.

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Please carefully observe the below image very well, it will really help all intending hot note 3 buyers to know and differentiate between the original and the cloned infinix phone.

How To Spot a Fake & Cloned infinix hot note 3

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fake infinix note 3


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