the pros and cons of android rooting

The Android device rooting process is very Tactical and requires carefulness, if you are curious about what is root or rooting and the benefits of it, or maybe you want to root your android phone, make sure you are quite knowledgeable about the Pros and cons of rooting android mobile device.

What is Rooting?

Root access of an android device is like “Jailbreak on IOS/IPhone”. It is regarded as a process that enables a user or users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running on Android mobile operating system to gain the total control over subsytems in Android system.

Rooting is just like making yourself the Admin, you decide what happens and what stays in your phone. With rooting you can go beyond the boundaries set by the manufacturer.

Why Root Your Phone?

In a simple explanation, rooting is great, you can control everything in your phone like CPU voltage, CPU overclock & under-clock, Ram management, delete Bloatware, and make your phone perform faster and so on.

Advantages and disadvantages of rooting android phone

Advantages of rooting android phone

  •  You can install unofficial Android OS like Cynogenmod (Now – Lineage Os).
  • Modding android stock animations.
  • You can make full OS backup on SD Card.
  • A Rooted mobile device can let a user personalize and customize the phone’s interface with cool themes, wallpapers, widgets and more.
  •  With a rooted android device, you can move apps installed in SD Card.
  • Root allows you to install custom recovery like CWM (ClockworkMod), Philz Touch, TWRP recovery.
  •  Root access allows you to uninstall stock apps.

Disadvantages of rooting android phone

  •  The First disadvantage is phone warranty void.
  • Rooting does not allow OTA updates from Google.
  •  Rooting may make your mobile phone perform faster but there are downsides to it specifically over heating of the mobile device.
  • Rooting your devices makes it less secured.


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