Use this code to know your android app usage history

use this phone code to see your android app usage history. Phone information App usage provides the time or date you last made use of the App.

android phone usage app information

The availability of internet connection and mobile App Stores and sites have made it possible for us to have a pack full of apps on our phones with minimum or no use of it for a long time.

Some apps are downloaded and used intensively. But in which ever case it may be, App usage feature gives us a clue in ranking about the apps that are mostly used in our devices.

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The phone informationApp usage” provides the exact time or date you last made use of the App and the duration of usage. You can view other info by tapping the drop down tab at the side of “usage time” to choose “Last time used“, or “App Name“.

How to know your android app usage history

==> The first thing to do is to open your dialer App

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==> Next is to enter theĀ Android code as it appears on the screenshot.

 *#*#4636#*#* screenshot

==> Tap Usage statistics

App usage android codesphone information android

Here, you can see all the Apps arranged according to the intensity of use or most used.

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In mine, chrome, Whatsapp, and WPS office, are the leading Apps I use mostly.

Apart from checking your most used Apps, you can also see your phone and Wi-Fi information. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this post with your buddies.


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