Top 10 apps to learn english grammar with ease

English language is used daily in our lifes and in today’s global world, its importance cannot be denied. It is used in your daily routines like at the time of purchasing grocery, all things written on the packets are in English grammar.

On the other hand, it is one of the most important languages across the world and as technology is growing rapidly, it is becoming more important in almost every sphere of life whether it is education, agriculture or medical field.

Learning English is fun and the most rewarding thing to do. Hence, there are lots of ways to learn English language. You can go out and attend classes or teach yourself through traditional method of reading English.

But nowadays the easiest way to learn it is through your smartphone with some awesome apps i.e. developed by one of the expert mobile app developers which helps you learn English in a few days. Below is the list of some of the best apps to learn English language.

Apps to learn English Grammar with Ease


Intro to letters is the most basic and commonly used app to learn basics of the English language. It is a simple and easy app which explains to you each and every letter of English.

You can simply tap on the letter you want to learn and this app will let you know how it is pronounced and used in other words.



This is one of the best apps to learn English grammar quickly and the good thing about this is that it explains each concept using different games and structure of lessons in a skill tree and that too with skill points which are given to you as a reward for completing a lesson from skill tree.



This is one of the famous methods of learning English and you might have heard about it. It is a very unique app which teaches you English with its predefined exercises which are designed to help you learn basics letters and words, before forming ling sentences and phrases.

Basically, it teaches you English without using your native language.



This app is full packaged with all the details used for learning English grammar and it is approved by the British council. By using this app, you can listen to everyday conversations of various people in its learn English podcast series and can easily improve your English speaking skills.



This is the other app commonly used for learning English and that too by just giving few minutes a day. It also acts as a community of language learners where you can also get attracted to other learners like you.

It provides you with a comprehensive audio learning system.



This is another superb and innovative app which comes with a new technology of teaching English by recognizing mobile phone speech recognition system and using this technology, it provides you with instant feedback on your speaking performance.



Another creative, interesting and fun app used to explain English basics is Memrise, which helps you to remember the meanings of words in its own unique way. Basically, all its courses are designed by users, so by this you can also see how others are learning the same concepts you are learning.



As its name explains, this app helps you to check your English grammar level first by its various test. It will further check whether you are a beginner, intermediate or at the advanced level.

Therefore, after knowing the correct level you can easily work on that and can further improve your speaking skills.



Fluentu makes your English learning process easy and quick. This app does this using real video like news and inspirational talks so that you can learn how people speak in real life.

Further, it also keeps a track of your words which you have learned and always suggest you some examples based on that.



This app comes under the category of best apps and it actually talks with you to improve your conversational skills and it will do this by giving you a topic and starting a conversation on it with you.


Therefore, above is the detailed list of top 10 apps which will help you to learn English grammar very quickly and easily. So, choose the one which is best for you.


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