how to fully backup android

Some decades ago, a mobile phone was regarded as sophisticated if it had a calculator, a stopwatch, a unit converter and a few classic games.

Today a phone isn’t a phone, if it doesn’t have Whatsapp, Instagram and a few hardcore multiplayer games, 3-4 browsers and 2-3 music players.

Today, a teenager can’t do without taking a selfie with a random, multifunctional camera app. So time has changed.
But factually we have nothing to do with time, or that random, multifunctional camera app.

What I wanted to say is, today a phone is nothing but a garbage-box, without apps. And if you’re using android, Playstore should be your best mate. Because, whatever apps you need, you have to install it from Playstore! And that, sometimes, can be a pain in the bum.

Suppose you need a specific music player. You will go and search in the Playstore, install it and use it. Now after a few days you are bored with that player and you decide to try something else. So you uninstall that app and download a new player from Playstore.

But you don’t like it either and you want to reinstall the previous one. So to do that you have to install that app again from Playstore, wasting your time and data. Hence comes the pain.

A better way to save both time and data is to backup an app for future use. So that you don’t have to reinstall that app wasting your data, if you need it later.

In this article, you’re going to learn how to backup and restore android phone app or game file in android without root.

How to backup and restore android Phone Apps & Games

There are many applications in the store that helps you in backing up apps and games. Almost all of those are free and functions in the same way. I’m working with a specific one, you can choose to use any other application.

Backup my phone:

==> First of all, switch on your device (this is a must, you can’t skip this step)

==> Now install this app from Playstore

==> When done, open the app. In the app you will see a bunch of apps that you can select.

==> Tap to select the app(s) that you wanna backup.

==> And now press on Backup.

==> Wait a few secs, the selected apps will be backed up. Easy right? yeah.

==> By default the backed up apks are stored in the path – Storage / Internal Mem. or SD Card / App_Backup_Restore. You can also manually set the path. To do that go to Settings (by tapping the three vertical-dots). Then click on Backup Path and choose your desired path.

P.S. There’s another option in the app called Auto Backup on Installation. If you turn on this option, this app will automatically perform backup, whenever a new application is installed. To do that, simply open the app and go to Settings > Auto Backup.

Restoring an App:

When you backup an application, its apk file is stored in the memory. To restore it, all you have to do is, reinstall that apk and that’s it.

So go to the folder where the app is backed up. Which is by default: Storage / Internal Mem. or SD Card / App_Backup_Restore. Now select the desired app and install it. That’s it! Your favorite app is now restored.

You might get a security warning saying that Installation is Blocked. To bypass the warning turn on Unknown Sources.

Now you know how to backup any installed app and then restore it even after uninstalling. Please, remember to share this wonderful tutorial if you like it.


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