Looking to give your brain some exercise? Look no further than our list of the top five mind challenging and puzzle android games out and available for android operating systems.

These new brain games for android will surely make you wonder what the game makers were actually thinking while developing them. The Puzzle games for android will make you forget the entertaining part of it and reposition you on the path of getting the job or mission completed.

Five best brain and puzzle android games


Best brain and puzzle android games

Hundreds is a puzzle game that really only works, at its best at least, on a touch screen. This is because to play you will need to tap and hold the ever expanding circles that will sum up to the grand total of 100.

In order to make this number up, players must control their circles by ensuring that they do not bump into any other circles or various other obstacles or hazards that will impact on their growth. As with most games there is a tutorial level where you are carefully and tentatively introduced to the game, meaning that things start out simply enough with empty areas and static circles.

But it is not long before the screen comes alive and everything is moving, with even ice entering into play meaning that you will need to hold a number of circles all at once to make them grow.

As chaotic as Hundreds can get, and it is chaotic, the game requires meticulous planning and well thought out execution making it a brilliant touch screen experience.



ALPHABEAR Best brain and puzzle android game

This word puzzle has plenty of strategic twists that require deep thinking to get past as you attempt to build your words from the letters that appear on the board. The story is led by cute and furry super-powered Alphabears who grow in size each time you manage to successfully fill in the blanks.

At the end of the game, the larger the bear, the more points you will ultimately earn. But, think fast on this one as any tile left unused for too long will turn to stone which, in turn, block the bears’ paths.

Also, it is worth noting that each of the bears themselves offer unique bonuses that can both help and hinder your score. Plus, with daily missions to compete and a number of bears to unlock, you will keep on returning to this excellent brain teaser.



SUPER LUCKY CASINO puzzle android games

San Francisco based Super Lucky Casino LLC are the creative geniuses behind one of the top rated free Casino Games and online Slot Machines for Android platforms. Among their most popular games are Slots Favorites, SLOTS!, Double Up Casino Slot Machines, Blackjack!, Bingo Heaven, and Vegas Solitaire.

Super Lucky Casino entertains millions of fans of its Slots, Bingo, Solitaire, Video Poker, & Blackjack titles on mobile devices all over the world, thanks mainly to a team that works hard to ensure a growing and improving network of great games. If you are looking for a brain and puzzle android game, then give their Blackjack games a shot.

Aiming to match, but not pass, the dealer’s 21, at the start of a game, the player and the dealer each receive two cards. The player’s cards are dealt facing upwards, while the dealer leaves one of his cards, the hole, and face down. Blackjack requires a great concentration of thought to succeed, so it is on our list.




You need to think fast for our next pick, Four Letters, which is a word game that makes you think hard and at speed over each and every turn or move. Yes, Four Letters is all about speed.

There is a countdown timer ticking away throughout as your aim is to sort out a word from the letters that appear on the screen, almost Scrabble-esque. Along with every completed word, your timer will extend and if you are really speedy with an entry, you will earn extra bonus points too.

Go on a successful run of super quick entries and you will be rewarded with bonus multiplies. Obviously, given the objective is on shorter words, Four Letters might seem easy enough but it only takes the game to throw a couple of hard ones your way to throw you off balance and send you spinning. Four Letters does make a nice change from your average word puzzle, and especially when played at speed, it will provide you a fun mental workout.



5 Best brain and puzzle android games

Drop7 is a complex number puzzler that is similar to Connect Four in such as it is a game where numbered disks drop down into a grid. If the number on the disc that has been dropped matches the exact total number found in the row or column, then the disc is cleared.

Of course, what that means is that the numbers that are already on the board will also be affected by each and every one of your moves which, in turn, can cause awesome beneficial chain reactions. Included in the mobile game are blank disks, which as you may have guessed are completely and utterly useless and only serve to complicate matters.

These blanks can be turned into numbers simply by being close to cleared disks, which is another objective in this game. It’s a good workout for your brain though, as higher scores can only be achieved by obsessively hard work and attention to detail, but the pay off, both in the game and in your head, is well worth it.



If you really want to challenge your mind during your fun or maybe spare time, trying out any or all of the above 5 best brain and puzzle android games will definitely worth it.


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