List of Best Programming Languages to Learn For Beginners

If you are interested in learning how to code and also finding it difficult to pick the best programming language or languages as a beginner then this article is for you.

The truth is this, the number of programming languages out there might overwhelm you.

But if you intend to follow the path of a lucrative and a fast growing career, you might want to really add learning how to program to your checklist – what languages should you learn? This article intends to give you some insights regarding different programming languages.


Can I become a great programmer?

Well Yes! Definitely but it will take time. When deciding the best programming language, you are faced with doubts on your capabilities. Even the best programmers go through several phases on their journey to being a great coder.

The Clueless phase

At this phase Everything is new, nothing is easy. Programmers seem to often make coding easy but anything becomes easy once you have learned it.

The OH! its starting to make sense phase

You have been able to write a few programs with fewer mistakes.

The I am invincible phase

Your confidence begins to grow as it matches your competence. No challenge seems too difficult at this point.

The I know nothing phase, part II

Then suddenly you realize that program development is infinitely more complex and you begin to doubt your own abilities again.

Finally, you are in I know a bit and thats OK phase

You have a decent grip on some coding skills but recognize your limitations and can find solutions to most problems. And this stage you are with what you have accomplished and is willing to keep going.

Deciding on the best programming language to learn sometimes is the hardest part. But at this point dont be scared of picking the wrong language as there are no wrong ones.

The data presented here is gotten from a research, mostly from Indeed.

9 best programming languages for beginners

A breakdown of the best programming languages to learn.

1. SQL

SQL (pronounced sequel) topping the list doesnt surprise me since it is found everywhere in various forms. Database technologies use it to power small businesses, big businesses, universities, banks, and so on. Every computer and person accessing technology works with SQL. To further clarify you, all Android phones and iPhones have access to a SQL database called SQLite and many mobile apps developed by Google, Skype and Drop Box use SQL directly.


The technology community recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of Java. Used by over 9 million developers and running on more than 7 billion devices worldwide. As a general purpose programming language, Java is used to build all native Android Apps, Desktop Apps, and Games.

Java has a long-term compatibility making older application to continue working even into the future. Java is commonly used as a server-side language for enterprise-level backend development.

A popular java based framework Hadoop which is used for storing and processing big data, and is implemented by enterprises such as Yahoo, Facebook, and Amazon Web Services.


JavaScript is another worlds most popular and powerful programming language. JavaScripts is often used to spice up a web page by making them interactive.

Javascript is the scripting language of the World Wide Web and is built into major browser including Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

4. C#

C# (pronounced C-sharp) developed to be used on the Microsofts .NET framework. C# is one of the new programming languages used in the game development, web development and a wide range of enterprise apps that runs on the .NET framework. Recently, using Xamarin you can now use C# to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

5. C++

C++ (pronounced C-plus-plus) is also a powerful language based on C. it is a general-purpose OOP (object-oriented programming) although is also used to build Games, game engines, mobile game, and web apps. Facebook has developed some high-performance and high-reliability component with it.

6. PYTHON Programming

Python is a general-purpose programming language which is highly recommended for beginners. It is simple and closely resemble the English Language.

Programmers have used Python to build desktop apps, web apps, and it has great tools for data mining. Python is most popular with the academic community for scientific computing, data analysis, and bioinformatics. Google, Dropbox, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, BitTorrent, and many more have been built with Python.

7. PHP

PHP is a server-side scripting language and it is usually viewed as a beginner-friendly programming language. It is used to create web pages written in HTML. As a result, most websites are been built with PHP because it offers a ton of advanced features for experienced programmers. Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, Tumblr, WordPress, and more have been built with it.


A general purpose programming language which was made popular by Ruby on Rail Framework. It was developed to make programmers have fun and at the same time be productive. Ruby is best used in web programming and like Python, Ruby reads like English and would be recommended for learning by many.

Ruby is used mostly for backend development, and popular websites such as Shopify, Bloomberg, Hulu, Slideshare, and more have been built with Ruby on Rails.


Apple decided to create their own programming language and the result was Swift which is a new programming language for iOS.

Apples Swift is a static programming language designed to be compatible with Objective-C which is a layer built on C language, thus; making it static but can be used for dynamic typing.

Swift aims to be easy for beginners to pick up. Companies including LinkedIn, and Duolingo have been quick to adopt Swift, and well see this language on the rise in the coming years.


As a beginner, after you have decided on the best programming languages to learn, the next part is gathering online resources and tutorials on the desired programming language you have chosen to learn.

And to get started on learning any of the above mentioned programming languages, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of HTML and CSS.


Altogether, the best programming languages to learn as a beginner ultimately depends on what you want to do. And remember “don’t be afraid of picking any language because there are no wrong one. You will discover the best by trial and error. Pick an interesting programming project, choose any language and get going.


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