Listen to songs offline on Soundcloud android

In this guide, you will learn how to play SoundCloud songs offline on your phone. It means that you can play the songs on SoundCloud Android application without having internet access.

SoundCloud is a music playback application for Web, Android, iOS, BBM and some other operating systems. It is one of the best online free music streaming services available across the globe.

SoundCloud is made up of music uploaded by users. We find both official and unofficial uploads on SoundCloud. Artists upload their work on SoundCloud so that people can enjoy their new work as soon as it is released.

It is possibly second most popular music source after YouTube. Since SoundCloud works like a music player, it is more preferrable choice in many cases. Many enthusiastic DJs also upload their remixed tracks on SoundCloud just to gain some attraction. Overall, SoundCloud is one of the best music applications available on the web.

In this guide, you will learn how to play SoundCloud songs offline on your phone. It means that you can play the songs on SoundCloud Android application without having internet access.

Most of you must be thinking that how can SoundCloud play songs offline when nothing is stored on the device? Well, that is the interesting part here.

SoundCloud Android application has a feature called Cache. This feature stores those songs that you recently played in temporary files on the phone’s internal storage.

Last year, my SoundCloud app had cache size more than 1 GB. It was one hell of a feature, to be honest. I did not have to stay connected to internet all the time, just to listen to songs. More importantly, I would not have to miss my playlist just because there was no internet access.

All of that changed when SoundCloud decided to update SoundCloud and remove this feature. There can be several reasons for this but none of the reasons seemed good to me, since I could not use fast playback option on my SoundCloud anymore. Not to mention, my mobile data usage skyrocketed once I started using the newer version of SoundCloud Android app.

After waiting for months, I have finally found the right SoundCloud version for unlimited cache playback. Once again, I have more than 1 GB in cache for my SoundCloud application and I can listen to favorite playlists repeatedly without disturbing my monthly Mobile Data package.

You are reading this because you want to be able to play songs on SoundCloud offline.

It is an older version and it worked well too. However, the version being discussed in this article is way better. In this guide, we will use SoundCloud 15.07.15-release APK. This version of SoundCloud for Android has very improved version of caching.

It has been confirmed over a very long period of time, with 5 hours of usage on a daily basis! So, you can be sure about the authenticity of this SoundCloud offline playback version. To play any SoundCloud Song without internet, you have to first play it with internet for one time.

Once it has been played, the song will be saved as a cache file in SoundCloud folder inside the internal storage of phone/tablet.

Now whenever that song is played once again, internet will not be used to load the song. It will be loaded directly from the phone’s internal storage, It is more efficient, faster and data-saving method.

However, if you play a song and then play 100 songs after it and do not play those songs for a month, it will most probably be wiped from cache. SoundCloud keeps those songs saved which are played more frequently.

My recent playlist with up to 25 songs are all cached and they will not be wiped until I stop listening to them.

How to Play Songs Offline in SoundCloud Android

==> If SoundCloud is installed on phone already, delete it.

==> Now download SoundCloud 15.07.15-release APK.

==> Uninstall currently installed version and install it.

==> Do not override it.

==> If you are unclear about these steps, check installation steps at the end of this guide.

==> Once SoundCloud Offline Playback Android version has been installed, open it from App Drawer.

==> Now login to your SoundCloud account.

==> Play any song.

==> Play full song, that is very important.

==> Now turn off phone.

==> Turn it on again.

==> Turn off WiFi and Mobile Data both.

==> Open SoundCloud and play the same song again.

Now you’ll see that it is being played instantly without requiring internet. In similar way, lot of songs can be cached on SoundCloud Android App.

==> However, you do need to restart phone every time, it was just a test.

This is the best SoundCloud Offline Playback version for Android.

How to Install SoundCloud Offline Playback Version on Android

==> Have you installed SoundCloud on your phone already? If yes, follow next step. If not, skip to 9 step.

==> Open app drawer.

==> Scroll to the page where SoundCloud app is placed.

==> Long tap the SoundCloud icon.

==> Keep it this way and you will see uninstall icon.

==> Drag the SoundCloud icon to it.

==> A red light will appear. Now release the icon.

==> Click on confirm to delete SoundCloud.

==> Now download SoundCloud 15.07.15-release APK.

==> If you have downloaded it to phone, open the folder where SoundCloud APK is downloaded. Use any file explorer for this.

==> Tap on the SoundCloud icon.

==> Click on Next and then click on Install. SoundCloud application will be installed in few seconds.

That’s it. Now follow the above given steps for How to Play Songs Offline in SoundCloud Android App.

These are all the steps required to play songs on SoundCloud without using internet. We hope that you find this guide useful and it works for you.

If you have any queries, then let us know in the comments below. We would also love to hear your feedback. Leave that in the comments below too.


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