How to Block YouTube ads

Hey Guys, welcome back to another new article which is on how to disable YouTube ads. On this article, I will show you the easiest methods to remove ads on youtube or block youtube ads.

You already know that YouTube Ads are very annoying but have you ever asked yourself why youtube show ads on their videos?

Adsense or Ads as it is fondly called is a way YouTube and YouTube video creators earn money.

Why Youtube Show ads on video?

Ads is a huge source of YouTube’s income. Today, companies want to show their ads on big platforms like youtube because YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. With these ads, YouTube gets good revenue and some part of ads money is given to Youtube creators.

So many online surveys has shown that most internet users don’t want to click on ads and in this article, I will show you various ways in which you can watch YouTube videos on your mobile and computer without any annoying ads.

You do not need to do anything extra for this, In simple steps, you will be able to get rid of these ads. and also you can enjoy YouTube videos without any interruptions.

How to Block YouTube Adsense on Android operating system

Without wasting time, lets see how to disable YouTube ads on android operating system, iPhone operating system and on Google chrome browser. No root is required and it works through a secure on-device VPN where servers are never involved with your data.

How to turn off ads on YouTube for Android (Turn off youtube advertising )

Step 1. First, you need to go to your mobile phone’s settings and “turn on” or “Enable” unknown sources setting. You do this by going to settings>>security>>unknown sources.

Step 2. Now go to your web browser and search “Adclear ” App. or just click here to download “Adclear”. Once you download the app, install it on your android OS.

Step 3. Open “Adclear” App and “Tap anywhere to Enable” option.

Block Youtube Ads on Android using Adclear

Step 4. Next is to ensure that “Ad blocking” is ticked good and tap on “fix now” to block ads that are currently bypassing your ads blocking. This is done by using HTTPS ads.

Block Youtube Ads on Android using Adclear

Step 5. Next, This will ask you to “Install certification ” just follow the self help process to disable YouTube ads.

How to Block Youtube Ads using Adclear on Android

Note: Adclear will block ads on the enlisted apps on your phone.

Step 6. Now, in order to block youtube ads, you need to use Dubbel with Adclear to block all ads.

Block Youtube Ads with Adclear

Step 7. Next, enable the firewall feature from its icon at the bottom of your screen. All Done.

The settings above will enable you block ads on YouTube. You have to clear the data and cache of the youtube app by going into the settings of your mobile and you will never see these annoying youtube ads. Just go to Settings>>Apps>>YouTube>>Storage>>Clear Cache.

How to use Adblock browser for Android to block YouTube ads.

This is also one of the best methods to block ads on YouTube and other sites on android phones. Unlike the Adclear method, It doesn’t require much processes.

You don’t need to do anything Just follow these steps and youtube ads will be deactivated easily.

Go to google and search for ”Adblock Browser” or Just Click Here To Download Youtube Adblocker ( Adblock Browser ).

You can easily block YouTube Ads by using this browser but the problem is that this browser does not remove Ads on all Android versions. Maybe this Browser works on your Android Version.

If this Browser doesn’t Work on Your mobile then the Adclear method is the surest way to go about it.

How to block ads on youtube iPhone

If you are an iPhone User you can also stop youtube from displaying ads while viewing YouTube videos. so let’s see how to block YouTube ads on your iPhone?

First, go to the App store and download the content blocker app. We Personally Suggest “Crystal“. After the installation of this app, you can see Content Blocker option in the Settings app.

Now go to the Settings app. Next, Go to Safari > Content Blockers. Just Enable the adblock option in setting.

how to block youtube ads on google chrome

If you are using YouTube in your Chrome browser, then you can easily block YouTube video ads. You just have to install an extension in your computer, after which your work will be very easy. You can easily watch a youtube video without any ads.

so, how to remove youtube ads in your chrome?

Step 1. Go to the chrome extension and search for “Adblock for Youtube”

Step 2. Install This extension In your chrome browser and click on activate.

Now, Open any YouTube video and check it will work perfectly. This is the most popular youtube Ads Blocker.

Is AdBlock legal? If not, specifically why not?

I never had any issues with watching ads at the beginning of the videos that I choose and most people would tell you the same thing, once they got used to doing it. Sometimes the ads even interests me enough to click on them and forget about what I was about to watch in the first place.

But stopping me in the middle of what I’m viewing or listening to is the worst possible way to advertise because I have never, not even once, become interested in what was advertised.

What bothers more than anything else about these ads popping up in the middle of these videos is this: I mainly watch YouTube contents any time I want to know the trending music videos in bed at night, while trying to fall asleep.

I strongly believe that this article will serve as a guide to disabling Youtube Ads on Android, iPhone and Google Chrome.


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