Bluestacks 2

BlueStacks, one of the most popular PC android emulator developers has released the successor of bluestacks Android emulator, it is known as BlueStacks 2. You can download latest BlueStacks version for PC from here.

There are many things you would like to know about BlueStacks 2. Why is this the biggest update? Why you need to upgrade your previous BlueStacks to BlueStacks 2? Why is this the best Android emulator of all time? Are their bugs? What are their fixes? Is it possible to root the latest BlueStacks? Everything will be discussed right here.

Let’s talk about its UI. The gamepop home launcher is the same as before but they have totally changed the way we used to see BlueStacks. Now it looks like a beautiful Android emulator.

They have completely changed its look for better. This is not so important to discuss but still,  the looks matter if you want to use BlueStacks for a long time.

The other good and vital feature of BlueStacks 2 is the ability to do multitasking. They didn’t provide Multitasking the way Windows and Android phones are providing us. They have entirely changed the meaning of multitasking in this new BlueStacks.

They provided Browser-alike Multitasking feature on BlueStacks 2. This sounds pretty simple and it definitely is, but believe me this is a better solution for anyone who want to do everything at once.

Anything you open in this new BlueStacks will be opened in a new tab just like a simple internet browser. Open as many apps as you want and then change between apps by changing tabs. This is the simplest solution for all the problems. You can play games and as well use Facebook at the same time, this way you can access any app at once. This is the main feature they have to offer but still there are other things that you need to know as well.

They have created compatibility for new games as well. This means you can enjoy all the games on your PC that were not running in previous BlueStacks. We have used BlueStacks 2 from its first day and what we have to say is that you will find it pretty flexible and easy to use. There are other things as well that you may want to know.

They have provided a simple side bar at the left side of BlueStacks 2. This Sidebar provides many useful features at your fingertips. You can rotate screen, shake it, take screenshot, set location, copy & paste things on the go. There is an APK button on sidebar.


Just tap on it and open APK file from your Windows PC or Mac in order to install it on your BlueStacks 2. There is a folder shape button that will allow you to copy files from Windows to your BlueStacks 2.

There is a volume button as well. It may look like you don’t want that useless feature but still it’s a solution to some little problems like listening to songs and playing games at the same time. Why bother disabling sound by going to settings of that game? Just click on that volume button to mute the sound of whatever you are running on BlueStacks 2.

The Above mentioned are all the mini features that will save a whole lot of your time and that is the reason you should download BlueStacks 2 for Windows PC. If this is enough to convince you, then you should hurry up and download BlueStacks 2 for PC from here.

Download BlueStacks 2

BlueStacks 2 for PC

How to install BlueStacks 2 on PC

If you have successfully downloaded BlueStacks 2, then follow the instructions in order to install it on your PC.

==> Double click on the file that you have downloaded.

==> It will welcome you, just click on “Next” button to proceed further.

==> Give access to Google Play Store and head over to installation.

This is an offline installer so you don’t need internet connection to install it.

It will take few minutes in order to successfully install it on your PC. Now you are good to go.

How to install Android Apps & Games on BlueStacks 2 for PC

Now that you have successfully installed BlueStacks 2 on your PC, you might want to know all the possible ways to download Android apps & games on BlueStacks 2. There are many options you can choose in order to install apps and games on your PC via BlueStacks 2.

==> Open Google Play Store and sign in to your Google Play Store account.

==> After that, download any game or app on BlueStacks 2 via Google Play Store.

If you don’t want to rely on BlueStacks 2, you can try different app markets on it. You can download Amazon Store or any other in order to install apps and games in this Android emulator.

You can download Apk file of your game or app from internet in order to install it on your BlueStacks 2. APK is a format of Android apps & games with which you can download apps manually on your Smartphones and BlueStacks.

==> Just download APK file of your desired app, open its file location and double click that file. It will automatically install on your new version of BlueStacks.

==> The other way to install app is with the help of a left sidebar of BlueStacks 2. There is an APK button in it. Simply click it and open APK file from it. It will start installing that App for you.

How to Root BlueStacks 2 for PC

This is a simple trick that will allow you to root your BlueStacks of Windows PC for free. In order to do that, you need to download KingRoot Apk.

==> Just install it like normal Apk file. Then open it and click on the big Android button. Tap on it and it will do its magic.

It will automatically root your BlueStacks without any hassle. Now you can download Root Checker to verify if it is successfully rooted or not.

Tired of BlueStacks 2 default Gamepop launcher?

If you are fed up of that main launcher that is known as Gamepop. Then there is a solution of you.

You can turn your BlueStacks 2 into a completely new Android by downloading any Launcher. In my PC, I make use of Nova Launcher on this new BlueStacks.

==> Download and install it on your Android emulator. It will open the launcher in new tab but once you go back, it will ask you whether you want to use it as home screen.

Select Nova Launcher and make it your default launcher. You can download and use any launcher on this new BlueStacks.

That’s it. These are all the possible guide you need to know about BlueStacks 2. If you have any issue or you think something is missing, feel free to guide us in the comment box below.


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