Causes and solutions to flickering battery light on car

While driving your car and suddenly the warning battery light on car starts to flicker occasionally, then it means the car is having a problem involving the car alternator, provided that the car battery is in good condition.

If this is the case then the car is suffering from either a slipping alternator belt or failing alternator. The Alternator does two things, it recharges the battery and also provides electricity to power all of the car electrical accessories when the car engine is running, such as headlights, brake lights, car stereo, car aircon and others.

Alternator is a belt driven device in which when the belt occasionally slip, the alternator will not generate electricity to charge the car battery at the same time to power the car accessories thereby causing the car battery warning light to flickers occasionally.

Causes of Car battery light coming on and off while Driving

However, if the alternator occasionally fails, it will also not generate electricity for sometime which causes the battery warning light to flicker occasionally.

Another cause is when the alternator wiring harness becomes loose, it can cause the battery warning light to flicker but this is very rare to happen.

Solutions to car battery light coming on and off while Driving

In any case, take the car to a reputable shop and ask the mechanic to inspect the car alternator and alternator belt, just hope that the problem is the car alternator belt which can be fixed by simple adjustments or replacement if necessary, or else it will cost you a lot if it’s the failing alternator that causes the battery warning light to flicker.

Anyway, car alternator can be repaired and it is much cheaper than buying a new one.


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