6 career finder Apps to kick start your career

With the following Career finder Apps, people may no longer stay in a company until they retire with a brand new golden watch representing all their effort over a lifetime of work, but that doesn’t mean they don’t climb a ladder of accomplishments throughout their career.

Your past experience plus your drive, determination and direction still result in climbing the corporate ladder, only in this new tech age, you have an electronic edge over the past with the many apps that can help move your career into fast gear.

List of Career finder Apps to spice up your career and get your dream job

  1. Find the Hidden Jobs

Hidden Jobs (.99) (Smartphone and online) This slick little app will help you find those jobs that aren’t yet (or may never be) posted. It searches through news articles, online media, and company press releases to find companies that have reported that they are expanding or opening new locations.

This inside information gives you a jump-start on potential new opening before the big career sites post them. Consider the fact that 80 percent of all job openings never get advertised.

The Career finder app has a simple drop-down menu through which you choose a state to view the company names, locations and number of expected positions. It even provides the original link from which it derived its information.

  1. Get LinkedIn

LinkedIn (free) (Smartphone and online) since its launch in 2003 LinkedIn has become the standard for growing a career, networking, and finding new opportunities. You create a profile and keep it updated with posts and rich visual content.

This gets seen by potential employers who will search your LinkedIn profile to learn more about your career history. It’s as essential as a well-written resume – perhaps even more in this digital age.

  1. Overhaul the Resume

Visualize.me (free) (Smartphone and online) Times will change with or without you, and nothing indicates where you are better than the look and presentation of your resume. It’s time to upgrade your old resume and give it a competitive edge in the 21st Century. Visualize.me will make your résumé eye-catching for that 15 seconds it gets looked at.

It will cull your LinkedIn profile and create simple, easy-to-read graphics that will make your work history and skills jump off the page. It even weighs your career history, interests, education and skills with your level of expertise.

A colorful info graphic is produced from this process with your professional experience illustrated through bar charts, timelines, and more.

  1. Successfully Passing the Interview Phase

Interview Prep Questions (free) (Smartphone only) This app helps prepare you for interview questions that can be difficult to answer. For example it has suggested answers for questions like “explain what you’ve learned over the last 12 months in your current position?” and “what makes an ideal boss?”

It offers details that will help you give an intelligent response. You can even create a personalized deck of questions and discard others so you can focus on your own personal interviewing success.

  1. Organize Your Job Search

Good Job (free) (Smartphone only) Keep track of your job search with this useful little app. It records every part of your dream job search in one place. It allows you to store contacts, take notes on how an interview went, and tracks which version of a cover letter or resume you sent where.

You can even use this Career finder app to keep a log of emails and thank-you notes you’ve sent. Use it to prioritize your tasks and help you focus on key opportunities.

  1. Make the Career Change

iPQ Career Planner (free) (Smartphone only) In your pursuit of the perfect career it sometimes become necessary to make a complete career shift. Just because you have a nursing degree doesn’t mean that your interests are really in medicine. This app helps you find your ideal job through a 52-question assessment that measures your strengths and weaknesses. Using the same assessment tool that nine out of ten of the of the largest companies use – according to Forbes – the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (iPQ) will help you identify the jobs you’re most likely to enjoy.

With apps like this you’ll better be able to navigate the maze of career success in the new millennium.


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