guide on how to select computer hard drive destruction service

Shredding hard drives or hard drive destruction service is the act of tearing and destroying Computer Hard Drives in bits completely to an extent that the file it contains will no longer be accessible.

Hard drives are one of the key parts that make up a computer system. They can store thousands and millions of data depending on the capacity it is built for. 

People or businesses shred their hard drives when they upgrade to a new computer device or when they feel like it is too old to function and cannot carry out a given task.

There are some certain things you need to be aware of before shredding a hard disk, and this article is aimed at guiding you through those things you need to know before requesting for a hard drive destruction service.

Computer hard drive destruction service: What you don’t know

== > Recycling the computer

A used computer hardware stores previously saved messages, bank details such as credit card details, account passwords, personal information and other social security details. Internet security has become more important than ever.

Threats and vulnerabilities will always be prevalent on the internet, hence to be extra careful about one’s security wouldn’t harm or even cost a dime. Do you leave your door open while sleeping at night? No right? The same applies on the internet.

You have to keep doors closed most of the times to keep threats at bay. And when you are running a business, this is the foremost important thing, since every business uses internet these days. Be it online or local, identity theft is increasing at an alarming rate.

When business change or upgrade to a new computer, most of them use new and upgraded hard drives too, to suit the upgraded configuration. But it is equally important to erase all confidential information before handing it over to whoever does the recycling.

Just erasing the data from a hard drive isn’t a foolproof idea though. Since erased data is always stored in file directories which is impossible to delete. This important information can be easily accessed and hacked by anyone with advanced technology options.

But for every advanced technology to hack things through, there is a superior solution to stop it and secure safety and information. The solution is to use the technology of a hard drive shredder or destruction service to shred your hard drive.

This is one of the most secure and confidential way to destroy information in hard disks. It is even the simplest and quickest way to do so for all your personal, professional and confidential information from your used computer.

For this, there are many hard drive destruction service firms which use top class data destruction technology to completely wipe away the hard disks, to keep data safe from theft. This makes sure your important and sensitive data is not hacked.

Do not think about the decreasing resale value of your computer, your data security is a more valued possession. And you wouldn’t want to exchange anything in return for that.

== > The Recycling company

There are also different types of shredding services available that you can choose from: on-site and off-site. In off-site shredding service, you will have hard drive collectors coming to your company to collect the drives.

They then take it to its destination for shredding, and post data destruction, they issue a certificate of proof for the same. During on-site shredding, the data and material is collected and destroyed completely within a few hours at the company location.

Although a preferred option would be to take off-site shredding service from a reputed company when you have hard drives in bulk to destroy.

For companies who believe and follow a green path of carrying out things, then an eco-friendly way to destroy your hard disk is definitely this. Word of mouth marketing for any hard drive shredding company received, should be opted first.

You can even research online to find out the best ones, but ensure that you read up reviews carefully. You cannot or rather shouldn’t go wrong with a company when it comes to confidential data of the company.

Before finalizing one, you should check whether they are following any standards or a recommended procedure for data destruction or not.

It is a smart choice to select a reputed and trustworthy shredding company. Choose the best to destroy your data from safe hands and stay at bay from identity theft.


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