Google secrets & Tricks

Google has a lot of interesting stuff for its users. Google Gravity Trick and Do a Barrel Roll are some of the google secrets and tricks you may not be aware of.

Google always offers a Range of tricks to confuse or amaze others with which you can surprise your friends and relative. If you want to use these tricks, you just need to connect to the internet and head over to your web browser.

15 Amazing Google secrets & Tricks You Never Knew Existed


This is another interesting and cool Google trick for all Google lovers and users. It enables you to search Google under the water.

It means all the Google home page will be inundated and you can experience a new underwater Google search. If you search anything on underwater Google, all the results will also be drown into the water. So, have fun with this Google secret and funny trick.

2. Google Gravity

Google Gravity is the most popular and interesting Funny trick of Google that will shock you instantly. As the name suggests, Google Gravity is such a funny tick that applies gravitational effect on Google Home Page.

It means as you apply this trick, Google along with its menu material like Gmail, Images, YouTube etc. and all the items at Google home page will fall down instantly.

So, to apply this trick Type Google Gravity on your Google Search Bar and Click on I’m Feeling Lucky Button. OR you can simply Click on the above link to directly go inside the world of Google Gravity.

3. Do a Barrel Roll

Do a barrel Roll is an awesome Google hidden feature and very interesting. Want to feel like you are flying like a fighter jet on the Internet?

Step 1: Open Google.

Step 2: Simply type “do a barrel roll” without quotes into Google search bar and see magic.

You can directly do this awesome trick by clicking on this link: Do a Barrel Roll

4. elgooG

elgooG isn’t any meaningful word or any name of trick but it is just the inverse of Google. Read elgooG from right to left. Isn’t it Google! So, this Funny Google trick shows you something like that.

In this trick the whole Google home page will show you the Mirror image of Google i.e, just inverse of Google home page. Each of your search items and results also shows the inverse of original. Try it your own by following the above link.

5. Google Sphere

It’s another one of the most interesting and Funny Google secrets & tricks for you. So, just type Google Sphere in Google Search bar and Click on I’m Feeling Lucky Button and see the magic.

You’ll see the all the items of Google will start moving around Google and create a Google Sphere. Not only that, your search content will also start rounding Google (as shown in above picture).

You can click on different links and search any content you want in a new and amazing Google. This trick will definitely shock you and you’ll gain a new and great experience with Google.

6. Google Loco

Google Loco is a place where you can see your Google in dancing form. This Google trick will make your mood funny and creative.

To apply this trick just type Google Loco and Click I’m Feeling Lucky Button. For more ease, just click on the above link for Google Loco. To see more Doodles of Google, Click on I’m Feeling Loco.

7. Lmgtfy

It is not only a Funny trick, it is one of the most helpful tool for all the users of Google. Lmgtfy means Let Me Google That For You.

This is a web tool that shows you the preview of whatever your query performs on Google. To do so, you need to visit the above link and enter your Google query and this tool will create a link for you. Now, you need to open that link in your browser and see the magic.

8. Google Zero Gravity Flat fall

By doing this awesome trick, you will see that Google falls down to the surface of your search screen. This trick really surprises with the concept of gravity.

Click here for Google zero Gravity flat fall. Don’t forget to search something in the search box.

9. Google Pac-Man

Google Pac-Man is a Funny game trick. You can play Pac-Man game around the Google logo. This trick is used for playing this game very simply.

It enables you to play Pac-Man around Google with the help of your mouse clicks. So, visit the link to enjoy this trick.

Feeling Lucky button or you can simply visit it by clicking on the above link.

10. Google Snake Game

Snake is one of the most popular and most played games because it exists in almost every mobile from simple phone to smart phones. So, this trick enables you take a new and amazing experience of playing Snake Game at the place of your Google logo.

You can turn the Snake with the help of your Keyboard up-down/left-right buttons.

11. Rainbow Google

It will show you a Rainbow above the Google logo. This Rainbow makes the Google logo cool and impressive. So, all the creativity lovers can use this trick and use Google in the form of Rainbow.

Go to Rainbow Google by typing Rainbow Google on Google search bar and Click I’m Feeling Lucky button or you can simply visit it by clicking on the above link.

12. Annoying Google

Annoying Google is another Funny Google secret trick which will really annoy you whatever you type on search bar. It is named Annoying Google because of its instantly changing letters cases while typing.

Its URL Name is Don’t Type Like This (Dot Com) that tells you to not type letters like this. To reach at Annoying Google page, type Annoying Google in Google Search bar and hit I’m Feeling Lucky button or just Click on above link.

13. Google Guitar

Wants to play guitar on Google? It is very simple and interesting. By doing this trick you can Surprise your friends and Relatives.

Search Google Guitar into Google search bar and click on first result and wait till loading the page.

You can directly play guitar on Google by clicking on this link: Google Guitar

14. Winnie Google

This prank would show the search in a very small size on Google screen.

Simply search Winnie Google into Google search bar and click on first result. You can directly do this prank by clicking on this link: Winnie Google

15. Doodles

What do you get if you don’t actually search for anything, and just hit ‘I’m feeling lucky’? A catalogue of all the Google doodles — all the way back to 1998.

Are the Google secrets and tricks above not cool? Do you know any other funny trick of Google? Don’t forget to share with us via comments.


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