Steps to create Windows restore point

Windows operating system comes with many features. One of its important features is the ability to restore Itself when there’s a system crash.

This feature of Windows operating system allows the user to restore their computer to the previous configuration by creating a restore point if the system corrupts after installation of any software or by any means.

Windows operating System creates a restore point in Windows from time to time. But if you want to create a restore point in windows manually you can follow these simple steps to create a restore point manually.

Having a couple of restore point is great but having too many Restore points on your PC can eat up yours Disk space. You can delete restore Point any time to clear some space on your PC

Steps to Create a restore point in windows 10

==> To create a windows restore point, open File Explorer.

==> Next, right click on This pc and click on Properties.

==> Click on Advanced System Settings on next Window Click on System Protection.

==> Create a restore point on windows by Clicking on Create and Enter the name of the restore point and click create.

==> This will Take 3 to 5 minutes depending on the speed of your PC. After the process Completion you will notice that in The list of Restore point there is a new entry which you have just created.

==> You can select that restore point and also restore any time if your System corrupt in future.

Restore can also be done when Operating System is completely Corrupted.


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