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You probably may have seen whatsapp group invite link shared on whatsapp on different occasions but no idea how they got the link. The link method of inviting users to whatsapp group saves the whatsapp Admin the time and energy of adding your friends or business associates individually on the group.

Prior to this moment, a whatstapp user creates a whatsapp group, saves the contacts of the people he would like to be on the group on his mobile device and then add them individually on the group. This method takes a lot of time because you have to consider the time used in saving the contacts on your mobile device and adding them on the whatsapp group.

Just like Telegram, the group method of sharing information on whatsapp fosters a faster system of information dissemination and give an avenue where group members can easily react to the information being posted.

With the introduction of this “unofficial feature” which has a work around way of getting it done, people can be easily added to a whatsapp chat group with or without the knowledge of the group Admin. What is required of the group admin is to get the whatsapp group invite link and share it to your whatsapp contacts that you’d like to be members of the chat group.

Like I always tell people, whatsoever that has advantages, equally comes with disadvantage(s). The disadvantage of whatsapp group invite link method is that no effective measure is put in place to checkmate the people joining the whatsapp group via the link.

For example, the group invite link can be mistakenly shared to a person who has no connection to the purpose in which the whatsapp group was created. When the persons joins, instead of leaving the group, he would result to spamming the chat room thereby causing nuisance.

My little suggestion to whatsapp admins is to always make sure that whatsapp group invite link is shared to the concerned whatsapp contacts.

After going through the above eye opener and wish to generate your whatsapp invite link, read on to know how to achieve the task.

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How to create whatsapp group invite link

==> The first step is to uninstall your current WhatsApp.

==> The next step is to download WhatsApp prime from this specified LINK.

==> Install the downloaded App and complete the verification process.

==> Next is to open the WhatsApp group you want to generate an invite link for and click on group info.

==> Tap add member and you will see “invite group via link“.

==> The final task is to share the link and anybody can join the group just by tapping on the LINK.

Ta Da!!

Point to Note:
You can only generate the Whatsapp Group Invite Link if you are an admin of a group.


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