Desktop notifications for android

There are many cases where you miss important notifications from your android smart phone. If you’re busy with your PC/Laptop, possibilities are high you won’t be aware of your phone’s notifications.

But don’t worry, next time you will not have any regret about your missed notifications.

Use the following trick, and you will never miss any of your android notifications while working with your PC. With this trick, you can see the notifications on your PC or laptop.

Desktop notifications for android: View android notifications on PC

1. First, open ‘Google Chrome.’ or ‘Mozilla Firefox’

2. Then, You Need to Download and Install ‘Desktop Notifications for Android’ Extensions in your browser

3. Download Extensions for Google Chrome and for Mozilla Firefox.

4. After installing it, click on ‘Desktop Notifications for Android.’

5. Log in to your Google account with your email and password.

6. Now you have to do the setting in your Android phone, for this you have to install this App on your phone.

7. Open this app on Mobile and enable desktop notifications.

8. Now sign with the same Google account, which you have entered on your PC.

Your PC will connect with your Android smart phone, and you will receive all your phone’s notifications on your PC/laptop. That’s All. You can now view your android notifications on your PC with desktop notifications for android.


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