Disable auto update apps on android play store

As an android user, the Google Play Store app is where you shop for games, Ebooks and movies apps and they can be automatically updated at any particular point if there’s internet connection. Most Google Play Store users now think it’s necessary to disable auto update apps on android smartphones because it slows down the functionality processes of the android device.

The Auto update feature sometimes freezes android smart phones, trust me, that’s not a good experience.

The freezing can lead to an immediate shut down of the device and this can result to you starting afresh on the job at hand. Sometimes the adverse effect could be loss of data and error codes notifications.

Apart from slowing down your android smart phone and loss of data, not disabling your Google play store auto app update feature can lead to a large consumption of internet subscription plan, but it shouldn’t give you any concern if you have the cash to spend.

In the following paragraphs, we shall clearly guide you through some steps to disable auto update apps on android devices.

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How to disable auto update apps on android play store

Step 1. Go to your App drawer and open the Google Playstore App from your android phone.

Step 2. Touch the three-horizontal bars icon at the left hand side of the screen.

Step 3. Scroll Down to Settings and tap on it.

Step 4. Navigate to Auto-update apps.

Step 5. Then, a pop-up window will display. Touch the “Don’t Auto-Update apps” if you want to disable auto update apps on android.

All Your Apps Will not automatically update itself again except if you want to update it.

The above steps will guide you to disable the automatic update on Google Play Store. Keep visiting xrayontech for more exciting tutorials like this.

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