ways to Install MacOS Sierra on unsupported Mac

Apple announced a limited compatibility of mac OS Sierra on its older Mac devices, but the good news for you is this; in this tutorial, you will learn how to download mac OS sierra on older or incompatible Mac computers.

List of mac OS Sierra Incompatible Mac(s)

According to Apple and its last announced Keynote, different computers that cannot install the latest operating system mac OS Sierra are:

MacBook 2008 and early / mid-2009
MacBook Pro 2007, 2008 and 2009
MacBook Air 2008 and 2009
Mac mini 2009
iMac 2007, 2008 and early / mid 2009
Mac Pro 2008 and 2009

List of mac OS Sierra Compatible Mac(s)

Based on our online and offline research of some users, the OS would work perfectly on:

MacBook late 2008 and early / mid 2009
MacBook Pro late 2008 and early / mid 2009
iMac early 2009
Mac Pro early 2009
2009 Xserve.

On other models below, the update would work well as those highlighted in yellow have problems with the Wi-Fi.

steps to install MacOS Sierra on unsupported

So here you go, we will guide you to download mac os sierra on your unsupported mac, just follow these simple steps below.

Guide to download Mac OS Sierra on unsupported Mac

Before doing anything, ensure to backup your entire Data to avoid the penalty of losing everything.

¤ To download mac OS sierra on your Mac, you will need:

» A copy of mac OS Sierra
» A USB drive with at least 8GB
» The tool provided to patch the Apple OS (alternative mirror).

¤ Once the above prerequisites are met, you will have to follow these steps:

==> Insert your USB key
==> Open Disk Utility
==> Clear your USB stick with the format Mac OS Extended
==> Once done, open the application macOS Sierra Patcher and select the installer previously downloaded system

==> Then follow the directions and select your USB drive
==> You will just click Start Operation.

¤ Once finished, your USB drive is now a boot drive for your Mac, so you need to install macOS Sierra via the following:

==> Restart your Mac while holding down the alt key.

==> Select then the startup volume on your USB.

==> Open Disk Utility and select the disk on which to install your new OS.

==> Click Clear by choosing well in advance the format Extended OS X.

ways to Install MacOS Sierra on unsupported Mac1

¤ It will install the OS on your disk, once it is installed, restart your Mac still holding down the alt key.

==> You will this time select Utilities section “macOS Post Install…”

==> Select the application in your model of Mac, the application should detect your configuration automatically (You can still select other patches if necessary).

==> Then select your key USB and click Patch.

==> Once the patch is applied, it will be more effective when you click on Reboot and wait for some time.

Install MacOS Sierra on unsupported Mac

You have finally known how to download Mac OS Sierra on your incompatible Mac computer.


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