How to Download messenger lite apk latest version

Facebook is the biggest and leading social network on this planet, and with the introduction of the new Facebook messenger lite Apk file, it has become the people’s favorite.

More than a decade ago, it seemed like a social app that only teens would use. However, it has become something bigger.
There are more than 1 Billion active users on the platform. This is pretty impressive considering that it includes most of the people who have access to the internet.

Since the start, Zuckerberg has made sure that FB does not miss out on anything. It has every feature that one could think of.
The team behind this is so much dedicated that we keep seeing dynamic changes every day.

In present era, most people access their Facebook profiles and chat with their friends using mobile phones. Smartphones have made it easier to stay connected online. Therefore, FB has quickly adapted to it with several apps. The latest app by FB team is called Messenger Lite. Lets take an in-depth look on it.

It is no secret that Facebook’s native apps for Android take a lot of space and even mobile data. These apps can use up to 1GB per month or more. This is not a problem for those who have either pretty good internet buckets or have very good internet providers.

In lot of countries, there is a consistent issue of poor internet quality. Most of these countries have access to 2G networks only. Although normal Messenger app would work on this network too if it is stable. However, it is not possible to use all features of messenger on a 2G networks.

You cannot use stories, photos, instant messages and videos if internet connection is not robust. Therefore, Messenger Lite has been released with a stripped model of original app. It has the most basic features which consume data in very small quantity, Moreover, it uses less than 4MB of space!

Android users with either low-end phones or phones with Android version as old as Gingerbread will be able to use capabilities of Messenger in a better way. This app solves two very crucial issues. It does not take more than 4MB of space.

Therefore, almost any phone will be able to install it. There will be no more issue of low space when installing Messenger on Android. The second issue that it addresses is the internet speed.

The messenger does not work very well on slow internet. To fix messenger on slow internet like 2G or even unstable 3G, use Messenger Lite. This app will only access the basic features of chat, photo sharing and link sharing.

There are no chat heads in Messenger Lite. They can consume a lot of RAM in low-end phones. In a nutshell, Messenger Lite is perfect app for phones with low RAM, low memory, low storage, below average internet connection, 2G connection and older versions of Android.

The interface of Messenger Lite is pretty sweet. It opens up fast and there is no lag at all. Even the users of high-end phones would love to use Messenger Lite because of how small and convenient it is.

Messenger Lite has not been released in US. This is most probably because there is no clear need for it in US. However, the users from US can also install Messenger Lite on their phones. You have to download Messenger Lite APK and follow installation steps given below. This method is applicable for every Android device out there.

How to Download Messenger lite Apk Latest version that works on 2G Network

==> Download Messenger Lite APK from here (Normal) | here (Beta)

==> Copy this file to phone’s internal or external storage.

==> On the phone or tablet, open file explorer.

==> Navigate to the folder where APK was copied.

==> Tap on the icon and click on install.

==> The Messenger Lite will be installed in few seconds.

==> Either click on launch or start it from the App drawer.

That’s it. If you have any issues, let me know in the comments below. Moreover, show your support for this app by giving it a review on Google Play Store. Keep visiting Xray on Tech for more cool apps and guides!


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