Download and install whatsapp on unsupported device

Considering the subject which is on ‘how to download whatsapp apk on unsupported devices’ including android phones and tablets.

The first question that would probably come to your mind would be, ‘doesn’t whatsapp work on almost all android phones and tablets?‘ Well, that’s what everyone thinks but the gospel truth is that, whatsapp doesn’t work on all android devices but there’s a way you can still install and use the app on these devices.

You are certainly at the right place if you are looking for the download link for Whatsapp or how to download Whatsapp.

In this post, I’d like to show you how to install whatsapp on your unsupported android phone or tablet without having to undergo much stress. This technique has been confirmed on Micromax funbook p275.

Initially, when you visit google play store to download the app, the error mostly stated is ‘Whatsapp is not compatible with this device but using the technique I am about showing you, I was able to fix this and it should obviously work on your own unsupported device.

Table of Contents

Steps to download whatsapp apk on unsupported device

1. First and foremost, I would advice you to root your phone or tablet if you haven’t done that before as I am not sure the technique will work on unrooted devices.

2. Done with rooting your android device? Next, download whatsapp Apk from their official website link which is using a pc.

3. Next, copy whatsapp.apk file to your tablet or phone. You can also directly download apk file into your tablet or phone using some google play store alternatives which gives you the ability to download APK files.

4. Install the downloaded Whatsapp APK file by tapping it. You should get some warning message about publisher, just ignore it and go ahead.

5. Register your phone number with whatsapp by following the on-screen instruction and you are good to go.

I Hope with the above information you have been able to successfully download Whatsapp Apk and install it on your unsupported android phone or device?


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