how to find my android phone without app

One of the characteristics of human being is the ability to lose things like our iOS, windows or Android smart phones. When this probably occur, what comes to our mind is how do I find my android phone without undergoing the stress of installing a third-party tracking App?

The good news is this, I don’t need a tracking app for me to find my phone that is android powered. Don’t worry, I will share a very simple trick that will help you locate your lost android phone very fast.

With this method of tracking your lost android phone, you are required to sign in with your Google account, enable Find my Device, turn on your location, set your Google location history to High accuracy and toggle on your Location History.

Lost Android: How to find my android phone without app

Newer versions of android devices come with an in-built feature known as Find My Device or Device Manager (both serve the same purpose). It is a tool an android user can use to find or ring his/her phone if it is nearby.

Apart from that, the user can use the tool to hint, or lock and/ or erase his phone if he thinks the device has been stolen. Note; for you to find your lost android phone without tracking app, you need to follow the steps bellow to activate this already existing feature on your phone.

Step 1. Go to your app drawer and open settings.

Step 2. Tap security or Security & lock screen (your phone’s android version will determine the name).

Step 3. Navigate to Device administrators.

Step 4. Check the option beside Find My Device.

how to find my android phone that was lost

Step 5. Tap the back button twice to back to Settings main menu.

Step 6. Go to Location and toggle on the option.

Step 7. Go to Mode and change it to High accuracy.

how to find my android phoneStep 8. Tap the back button and navigate to Google Location History.

Step 9. Toggle on the Location History.

find my lost android phone

[No tracking App] How to find my android phone

If you found yourself in a situation that you are looking for your android phone, the first action to take is to look for any computer or android smartphone nearby and sign in your Google Account. Remember to learn how to sign out your Gmail account remotely from any device.


Step 1. Open a web browser from the device you signed your Google account into.

Step 2. Go to

Step 3.  Enter your Google account details if necessary. Complete the 2-step verification process if you are using it on your account.

When you are finally on to the Find My Device homepage, you will be presented with three options.

  • PLAY SOUND – You can go with this option if the map shows that your android phone is within your reach. That is, it can be heard when it rings.
  • SECURE DEVICE – If your device was not secured with finger print or passcode security system, you can use this option to lock the android device. You can as well leave a message and a phone number with anyone who finds the device with this option.
  • ERASE DEVICE – With this option, all data will be permanently erased from the device and you can’t locate it again. Erasing will only occur when the phone comes online.

To find your lost android phone without app is possible only when the device is connected to the internet. Always monitor the stolen device by checking when it is online.

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