How to fix android 6.0 1 marshmallow 6 common problems

Android 6.0 1 marshmallow is the sixth version of “Android”, it has been around for more than two years and has performed incredibly fine. However, it turned out that it has some drawbacks which we are going to tackle in this tutorial.

We have collected all the known problems in android 6.0 1 operating system, and suggested ways to resolve them.

How to fix android 6.0 1 most common problems

Spontaneous system reboot

The problem of uncontrolled restarting of the device is associated with applications that have not yet been renewed under the API “Six”. Incompatibility with the system leads to the sudden departure from applications, making the smartphone restart again and again. In this case it is necessary to update all applications to the latest version, and do not forget to clear the cache.

This procedure is done through the Settings menu: open the Applications section, choose the right and then click Storage. There also is a button to clear the cache.

If all these steps have not solved your problem, it is necessary to reinstall the problematic application. The extreme measure is to reset the system to the original default settings.

Slow working device

If you notice that the re-installation of the system has affected the speed of the gadget, it could indicate a reduction of the free space of internal memory. To release some spaces, it is necessary to reset the device via a procedure called “Wipe cache”. To do this, launch the device in recovery mode and select the item “Wipe Cache Partition”.

The selection is made using the power and volume keys. For the effectiveness of this android 6.0 1 marshmallow solution tip, restart the device.

Increased charging time

A sudden increase in the charging time of your android 6.0 1 marshmallow cell phone could be as a result of so many causes. One of the causes could be constant usage of the mobile phone below 5 percent battery level. Don’t make use of your cell phone when the battery level is below 5 percent.

Another factor that increases the battery charging time is the quality of the charging cable. We are advising you to always charge your device with the company produced charger. If yours is damaged, ensure you charge with an original charging device.

Network problems

Have you been finding it difficult to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot or Bluetooth device? You can solve the Wi-Fi problem by restarting the router or using the “forget network” tab and try to connect again. Use the same operation (forget) when solving the Bluetooth connectivity problem.

Mobile Internet connectivity problem

Most of the problems with mobile Internet networks are solved by restarting the device. Switching the airplane mode on/off can as well resolve the internet issue on android 6.0 1. In addition, it should be pointed out that data transmission over mobile networks is enabled in the device settings.


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