How to Fix Google Play Store Error Code 927

Error code 927 or error 927 is a problem tag related to Google play store, a mobile app store where you can download your favorite android apps like games, music, movies, magazines, themes, wallpapers, etc.

Just like other app stores, Google Play store is a platform dedicated to android operating system users. All the apps that you require to personalize your phone and carry out your day to day activities efficiently are hosted on the platform.

Just input a keyword which is the name of the app on the search bar and hit the search icon. Once it shows up, press the install button to download the app. For you to update your apps on Google play store; tap the three horizontal line icon at the top left corner of the screen, go-to My apps & games and update your installed apps.

While carrying out an app installation or update, you may at one point or the other encounter Error notifications. One of the errors could be error code 927. Lets say you want to update your Gmail App and you encounter an error notification that says ‘Update for Gmail could not be downloaded due to an error. (927)’.

Do not panic when you see it as we have compiled possible solutions to error 927 on android Google play store. All you have to do is to take a deep breath and adhere to the instructions contained in this write up.

What is the meaning of Error code 927?

Of course Error 927 can mean different things but with respect to Google play store, it is an error code mostly seen by android Google play users while downloading or updating their apps.

The error pops up as a result of so many reasons which are:

  • Data crash
  • The operating system is not functioning the way it suppose at that particular time
  • Loss of internet connection
  • Software malfunction on the android device
  • A blockage by adware or software on the play store which can alter your android device. This mostly indicates the presence of virus on the app that you are trying to update or download.

From the above highlighted points, you would see that error code 927 has so many causatives and thats why it doesnt have a single solution. Without further ado, lets look at the means to fix error code 927 on Google play store.

How to Fix Error Code 927 on Google Play Store

Method 1: By clearing Cache and Data

You could encounter error 927 as a result of large chunk of accumulated data or insufficient space. This method of fixing Google play store error code requires you to clear the cache and empty the store Data.

To do this;


==> Go-to the Settings App and head straight to Apps under Device section

==> Scroll down to Google Play Store.

==> Here, you will perform two actions which are; tap Force Stop and then Tap Storage

Steps to Fix Google Play Store Error Code 927

==> Just like the third step immediately above, tap Clear Data and also Clear Cache

Ways to Fix Google Play Store Error Code 927

==> Finally, go back to your Play store app and initiate it.

The above method is majorly used to clear error code 927.

Method 2: By removing Google account

This is also an alternative method. If the first method didnt work, you can use this second method to solve this play store error code problem. This method requires you to delete your Google account from the Google play store and re-add it. Dont worry, the process is safe and no data will be lost. To remove your Google account;

==> Go-to settings and choose Other Accounts under Accounts

==> Tap Google and navigate to the Gmail account you used to sign in. Go-to the three-dotted line at the top right corner of the screen. There, you will see remove account.

You can sign in by going to the Add account button>>select Google and follow the self-explanatory procedure. Thereafter, reboot your android device and try downloading or updating the App.

Method 3: Uninstalling Unnecessary apps

Like I earlier said, error code 927 could be caused by insufficient mobile storage. If your mobile phone does not have a sufficient space for installing new apps, you can delete some unwanted files from the mobile phone storage and not from the external storage device. To be on a safer side, uninstall the dormant apps from the phone.


A Problem is regarded as one without solution, you can fix the error code 927 problem on Google play store by following any of the above listed methods.


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