How to fix insufficient storage available on android without root

It is widely believed that no amount of storage space on smart phones can be seen as sufficient. That’s the reason we are revealing to you how to fix “insufficient storage available” on android smart phones without rooting your phone when you get to the point of not being able store anymore data.

As a phone user for some couple of years of experience with android smart phones, “android storage space running out” or insufficient space on the device notification shouldn’t be a new thing to you. The notification appears any time you have limited or no available space to store data on your mobile phone.

This leads to slow performance or functionality of your phone or even to incessant freezing of your android smartphone. Nowadays, pictures or videos captured with smart phone devices have high quality and sharpness.

The high quality of the picture or video directly means that there is a high value of megabyte attached to it. That’s why after filming a short video of about 12 seconds, you’d see an attachment of about 6MB to that video. This is also the case with pictures.

Most people think that there’s only one way to fix insufficient storage available on android, which is by deleting unimportant files like pictures, videos, .doc, .Zip and etcetera. We are not saying that you should allow unimportant files to litter on your limited storage space.

Our goal is to unravel another method of freeing storage spaces on android devices when you don’t have unimportant files to delete from your storage space. The new method is deleting Cached files.

What are Cached files?

Cached files are information or data relating to our activities on already running apps on our mobile devices. Most times, it includes the data gathered from the websites we visit.

Those saved Cached files makes our devices load already installed apps and websites we constantly visit faster without unnecessary delay. You don’t need those cached files, what you need is a fast internet connection.

Is your android storage space running out? Or do you have insufficient space on your android device? The following steps will guide you to fix insufficient storage on your mobile device by deleting cached files.

Table of Contents

How to fix insufficient storage available on android without root

Step 1. Go to Settings.

Step 2. Navigate to Storage & USB.

Step 3. Tap on Internal Storage.

Step 4. Tap Cached Data. A pop-up message will let you know that “This will clear cached data for all apps”.

Step 5. Tap “OK” to clear cached data.

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For older versions of android devices, you can fix insufficient storage available on android without root by navigating to Settings>>Storage>>Cached data>>select “OK”.


The above laid out steps will enable you fix insufficient storage available on android without root. Stay with us for more tech tutorials like this.


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