How to fix iTunes Error 4013 & 4014 During Upgrade

Hello tech lovers, we all know that Apple has established itself as the topmost and most reliable brand in the market for Mobile and computing devices. Despite being popular in the business, their devices are prone to errors.

Errors are inevitable for any device whether it’s Apple or any other brand, but the difference is that Apple provides a fix to any problem encountered while using their products within a short period of time. So here in this article, I will be revealing to you how you can fix iTunes error 4013 and 4014 as it’s one of the greatest challenges of iPhone OS users.

“The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (4013)“

Basically this error pop up on your PC or Laptop’s screen when you are trying to upgrade your phone through iTunes by connecting your iPhone to your PC or Laptop. Most of the time this error occur when you iPhone gets disconnected from your computing device during the upgrade process or if there is any Hardware issue with your computer like USB ports of the computer are working intermittently.

How to fix iTunes Error 4013 and 4014

So here, we are sharing the fixes to iTunes Error 4013 and 4014 issues, readers are advised to use them by giving priority to the points shared in the decreasing order i.e go to the first method which would work most of the time but if it doesn’t then try considering second trick and so on.

METHOD 1: Restart the Computer and Re-plug iPhone USB Cable

The simplest move to resolve this issue is by unplugging your USB cable then restarting your computer or Laptop and plug the USB cable again, most of the time the issue gets resolved by doing this but if there are some technical or software issues then follow any of the method shared below.

METHOD 2: Charge iPhone’s Battery

I recommend you to Charge your iPhone’s battery before connecting it to iTunes, sometimes low battery creates this issue. Also, ensure that your iPhone is not in power saving mode as it may create Error 4013 or 4014 when you connect your phone for upgrading. You are free to run your iPhone upgrade if it’s not in power saving mode and it has enough battery charge.

METHOD 3: Fix iTunes Error 4013 Through Recovery Mode

Now you need to follow the easy steps shared below to fix ‘An unknown error occurred 4013’ or 4014 in your laptop.

  • Reconnect your iPhone to computer by Re-plugging USB cable.
  • Now click on iTunes from the start menu.
  • I recommend you take proper backup of your iPhone, you can do this by turning off iCloud on your iPhone or iPad because you can’t create backups using iTunes when iCloud is enabled. Then right click on the iTunes then click on backup.
  • Now press and hold power buttons together until the screen goes black. This will bring your iPhone in recovery mode.
  • Now open iTunes on your computer and connect iPhone.
  • Now iTunes will detect that you have connected iPhone in recovery mode.
    You need to follow the instructions that appear on iTunes and restore your device. Have it in mind that doing this will erase all your data but we have shared in this third step how to make backup. So if you didn’t Back up your Iphone then go and Back up your iPhone first then start following the steps from step 1.

That’s all, this will definitely resolve the issue.


If none of the method shared above works for you then there is a technical issue, it may be in your iPhone’s charging cable or in your Computer’s USB port. First, try upgrading your phone using another cable and if iTunes Error 4013 and 4014 doesn’t appear, then the issue is from your Cable and so consider replacing it with a new one or if the error still exist then the issue is might be from your computer’s USB port, so you may need to change your USB port.

You can fix iTunes Error 4013 and 4014 that occur during iPhone upgrade if you carefully follow any of the methods shared above. You can reach out to us through the comment box if you still have issues with the iPhone Error 4013 and 4014 and we will be glad to assist you.


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