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One of the most outstanding devices released by Samsung, Note 5 has finally been updated to Android 7.0. This is the official Android 7.0 Nougat update for Galaxy Note 5 and the much awaited update was really worth it although, it is faced with Android deep sleep issues.

The interface has been redesigned completely and this update is supposed to make phone work even better. However, many users have reported on twitter and other social media that battery on note 5 is draining twice as fast after Nougat update.

This problem started showing up right after the Android 7.0 Nougat update. Note 5 might even heat up and drain unusual amount of battery in little time. The most common issue is when Note 5 is dropping battery in deep sleep mode.

Technically, it is not in the sleep mode and some app is keeping phone awake.

It is not uncommon that phone starts behaving abnormally after being updated. The Android Nougat update issues on Note 5 happen mostly after an OTA update.

When installing a whole new system, the update size is pretty big. In this case, an OTA update can mess up apps and their permissions. What’s actually happening is that applications are not getting along with new OS.

In this case, the pre-installed system and user applications do not work properly with Nougat update on Note 5. In a case like this, Note 5 would keep losing battery even when the screen is off.

Normally, applications, Wi-Fi and background processes would pause and enter deep sleep mode. When there is a conflict with the OTA update, the phone will keep draining battery even when screen is off.

There are tons of reasons and changes that can be done in order to fix this. The most difficult task is to find the root of the battery drain. It should be clear that deep sleep issue on Note 5 after Nougat is due to some applications (Both system and third party apps).

Therefore, the first task is to find the app that is consuming battery in sleep mode. In other words, we are going to look for the app(s) that have been keeping phone awake even in sleep mode.

Steps to fix Samsung Galaxy Note Deep Sleep Problem

Solution 1: Find the Apps consuming battery

There are two ways to check it.

==> First, head over to Settings > Battery.

==> Look at the list of apps.

==> If System UI, Android OS, Device idle, Cell Standby or any other app related to system is on top, then head over to solution 3.

==> There’s an app at top of the list. Head over to app drawer, delete that app and reboot the phone.

==> If this fixes battery issue, then leave a comment below about what caused it so that others can learn from it.

==> In case it is not fixed or you cannot find any notable usage by any app in list, download one of the following apps on your phone.

==> GSam Battery Monitor

==> BetterBatteryStats

==> Leave this app running in the background for a day.

==> At the end of the day, open the app to see results of battery usage per app.

==> Once the culprit app has been spotted, delete it.

==> Restart the phone and see if it is fixed.
You can reinstall the app after issue is fixed if it is important.

Solution 2: Limit background Process to check if a background process is keeping Note 5 awake

==> Open Settings > About Device > Software Info.

==> Tap on build number 7 times until you see a message saying “You are now a developer”.

==> Head back to Settings main menu and scroll down to find Developer Options.

==> Open it and find “Limit Background Processes”.

==> Now select the option to limit it to 4 processes only.
Use Note 5 with this option enabled and if it improves battery, head over to next solution.

However, note that limiting background processes will now allow multitasking. It is being activated only for testing.

Solution 3: Perform factory reset to reset Apps permissions

==> Make sure that you have made a backup of all data on phone on computer or external storage.

==> Do not make a backup of user installed apps using any utility. Just get the list afterwards from Play Store’s My Apps tab.

==> Go to Settings > Backup and Reset.

==> Perform a factory reset and wipe all data. It will restart the phone.

==> When the phone turns on again, one by one open each app and give the permissions you want to.

==> This will make the OTA installation work more like a clean installation.

==> This process should fix the battery issues on your Nougat firmware of Note 5 right away.

==> Also make sure to charge the phone once without using it.

If you have questions, concerns and contributions, leave a comment below.


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