This article will show you How To Fix Wifi Not Available issue since it has been the common problem found ever since Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 Upgrade. Many people seemed to have the same issue with their Wi-Fi, “when we try to connect to Wi-Fi Network it shows us No Wi-fi Available in Windows 10“, it is a nightmare to see this issue especially after Upgrading to newer version of OS, however this issue can be fixed. You probably would have freaked out after seeing no wi-fi available.

There is a simple solution on How To Fix Wifi Not Available Issue in Windows 10. Simply follow the steps and it will resolve the problem.

How to fix wifi problem in windows 10 after upgrade

==> Search for Device Manager in search bar in the bottom left

==> Then under Network Adapters right-click on Ralink RT32.90 802.11bgn Wi-Fi Adapter and select update driver software.

==> A new Window will pop up and then select the second option Browse my computer for driver software.

==> Again select the second option Let me pick from List of Device drivers from my computer.

==> A new Window will pop up and will ask you to choose Lan card version, select the one which you are not using currently. Click on next and it will install new Driver software.

Once it is installed you will see new Window that says Windows has successfully updated your driver software.

Now that you are done with the above steps you need to restart your Laptop / PC. And after restart, you will see Wi-Fi Icon connect to your network and enter network security key which is your Password and you will be able to access the Internet from your Wi-Fi.

I hope this post will help you fix your issue.

Let us know in comments if you are able to fix this issue, would love to help you if you are not able to resolve this problem.


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