Hidden Android Secrets and Hacks

The number of android phone users has significantly increased of recent because the operating system is probably the easiest and the most human-friendly OS to use. But here’s a shocker, do you know that there are tons of android secrets and hacks on your smartphone waiting to be explored by you?

These hidden android secrets are what we at xrayontech will reveal to you on this article with the sole aim of making you get the best feel of your mobile phone and also help you make your android phone function differently from other Android phones.

These android tricks and hacks doesn’t require any sort of jailbreak and they are hundred percent safe to use. Without further delay, let’s look at the top android secret tricks.

Top Android Secrets and Hacks you should know

Hide Sensitive Notification Content On the Lock Screen

This subtopic will clearly show you how to hide notifications from appearing on your android lock screen. By default, this is set to “show all notification content” but you can either set it to “Don’t Show Notifications at all” or “Hide Sensitive Notification Content“.

To hide sensitive notification content on android phone, go to Settings>>Notifications>>Tap on the Gear icon and select “Hide Sensitive Notification Content“. And that’s all.

Hide Sensitive Notification Content On the Lock Screen

Steps to Hide Sensitive Notification Content On the Lock Screen

Hide Sensitive Content On the Lock Screen

Enable Chrome Duet, split toolbar Chrome Home, on Android

Do you want to enable chrome duet, and split your chrome toolbar on android? Then follow these steps to achieve this. With this Android trick, you can can have your chrome address bar at the top and then your chrome tool bar at the bottom of the screen.

Enable Chrome Duet, split toolbar Chrome Home, on Android

First of all, type ”Chrome://flags” without the quotation marks on your chrome address bar and then on the search bar below the address bar, type in “chrome home” without the marks. Change the “Default” tab under “Chrome Duet” to “Disabled“. That is it.

Opt Out of Ads personalization

Let me start by saying that this feature is used to serve you ads based on searches you make on Google. They use it to know the kind of advertisement that will suit your needs.

If you think that Google has known a lot about your interests on the internet and you want to put an end to it then the time is right to opt out of interest-based ads. This when enabled will automatically instruct apps not to use your advertising ID to build profiles or show you personalized ads.

Opt out of personalized ads by going to settings>>Google>>Ads>>Toggle On “Opt Out of Ads personalization” and then press “Ok“.

Enable Instant Screen Lock On Android 

This is not much of a hidden secret to techy guys but it is a trick. This android trick if enabled, will automatically lock your screen after 15 seconds and will only require your security codes or finger prints before you gain access.

To do this, go to Settings>>Display>>Sleep and then reduce the time of inactivity before the screen goes dark.

Battery Optimization of Apps

This is a newly introduced feature that saves battery. It optimizes the app to the extent it consumes little or no battery at all. All you have to do is to battery optimize your mobile apps that are not optimized.

To carry out battery optimization on your android, go to Settings>>Battery>>tap the three-dots icon at the top right side of the screen and select “Battery Optimization“.
There you will see apps that are not optimized and you can optimize them by selecting the app, enable Optimize, and tap Done. 

Battery Optimization of Apps on Android

Know Instant Apps you use through Google play instant

Here, you will see all your instantly used mobile applications via the Google play instant tool. To check yours, go to settings>>Google>>Google Play Instant>>Toggle On.

How to Use Google Play Protect

Most Android users don’t know the function of Google play protect and its usage. It is an android tool that regularly checks your apps and device for harmful behavior such as downloading an apk file from an unsecured website or installing a malicious application.

Play Protect notifies you of any security risks found. So, we shall briefly show you how to use android play protect.

To regularly scan your apps and device for threats, go to Settings>>Google>>Security>>Google Play Protect>>. There, you will know whether there are harmful apps on your android phone or not.

How to Use Google Play Protect

If the Google Play Protect feature is not active on your phone, on the Google play protect page, tap on the gear icon at top right corner of your screen and enableScan Device For Security Threats“.

How to Use Google Play Protect

This article about the top hidden android secrets and hacks can be updated with the latest android tricks and tips at any time. So, do ensure you bookmark this page for first hand information.


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