How to Hide and Organize files with Vidmate App

There are a huge number of apps online that are similar to the vidmate app in terms of functionality these days especially for the android OS. They serve quite a number of purposes and that ranges from hiding and organizing files.

Most people however, are still looking for a reliable video downloader which can at all times deliver without encountering any form of error. This is mainly because YouTube, being a high quality video streaming app/website, consumes too much data and it is not always feasible in the sense that the cash sometimes may not be at hand.

In that case, what you really need is the Vidmate app. Here, we are about to discuss some of the amazing features of the app and then show you how to hide and organize files with the App.

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Features of Vidmate App

First and foremost, this one is pretty obvious. Vidmate app is one of the best in this category to download videos of your choice.

The app features some of the most popular websites in its homepage. You can select the desired video of your choice and click on the red button in the bottom right corner and the video starts to download in no time.

Apart from downloading and viewing the video, we can simply stream the videos online if we are not really interested in waiting for our content to download. This app allows us to do that.

However, what we really want to talk about here is the in-built File Manager feature of Vidmate. Although many video downloaders are available on app stores, this feature is provided by very few of those.

This is really helpful if you want to keep all your media contents at one place. Not only videos, you can also download songs and audio from a range of websites and manage all those files in the app itself.

You can create the desired playlists, rename files and sort them accordingly. The app also features a built-in browser. Thus you can visit any website you want to and download content you like.

Vidmate is also built to hide files. If you intend to hide some files, all you have to do is tap on the three vertical dots at the right hand side of the file in the “File” section and select hide. You will be asked to enter a four digit password and that’s all.

You can view the hidden files by still visiting “File” and head straight to “Private Space“, enter your four digits password and you are done. To make your hidden file visible again, on Private Space, tap on the three dots icon and select “Export“.

Another important feature is the bookmarks bar. If there is content you wish to watch later, you can just bookmark the website and visit it later.

The app is really easy to use and has a simple user interface. The visual appeal is good and the app is completely ad free.

The app is highly recommend and it is a one-stop solution to all your entertainment needs, be it your favourite movies, videos or songs.

It can be downloaded via apk file for android phones and PCs, however the latter will need an android emulator like BlueStacks or Andy. The app is however not available for iOS platforms yet so iPhone users may have to wait until they get to use this awesome app on their devices.


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