how to hide your Whatsapp online status

Whatsapp the most popular and widely used online messaging App can be tweaked to favor the user. The tweaking can be how to hide your Whatsapp Online status, how to hide the last seen, how to appear offline and so on. But the focus of this article is to show you how you can keep your online status off the public eyes on Whatsapp.

When you do this, people will not know when you have read their messages, they won’t know when you check your messages, and some of your techie friends won’t track or even guess who you are chatting with on Whatsapp.

how to hide online status on whatsapp android OS

The steps used to achieve the aim of this post which is to hide your Whatsapp online status is based on Android operating system, although it is almost similar to iOS.

First, open the Whatsapp Application

==> Tap the three little dots in the top right corner of your screen and go to settings (for iOS users, Settings is at the bottom bar)

==> Touch the “Account” menu, and then Tap on “Privacy”.

==> click the “Last Seen” entry, and then select the “Nobody” option.

Once you are done following the procedures above, people won’t get to see you when you are online and they will not know when you were seen last on Whatsapp. The disadvantage of hiding your online status on Whatsapp is that you will not see other people when they are online or when they last logged in on Whatsapp.


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