steps on How to Fix Android Phone That Keeps Freezing

There is nothing as frustrating as making use of a freezing android phone, that’s why we are providing you with this detailed tutorial on how to fix android phone that keeps freezing.

Just the other day, a friend of mine was patiently waiting for her android mobile device to carry out a given command. It became so irritating, and I asked myself, why not write an article that explains with steps onĀ how to fix an android phone that Keeps Freezing or how to unfreeze your phone?

Most people believe that old phones with crappy system software are associated with freezing. But that is not true. Mobile phone freezing can be as a result of low mobile storage and RAM, sometimes unstable internet connection, and use of storage consuming Apps and files.

If you dont know whether your android mobile device is freezing then note this. A phone can be said to be freezing when it takes longer than the required time to perform a specified task or command. A delayed action from a command can be tagged freezing.

There are various degrees of mobile phone freezing. Your phone is having a minor freezing when it eventually performs the action but at a later time. Major freezing takes more than a minute to act on the command, freezing to a halt, or maybe leading to the phone shutting down itself.

Considering the degree your android phone is suffering from, we will see you through on how to fix android phone that keeps freezing.

General method of fixing a freezing android phone

The general method of fixing a freezing android phone is by detaching its battery if it is detachable or removable. Read on if your devices battery is non-removable.

Procedure for fixing android phone that keeps freezing

==> Hold the power button mostly positioned at the side of the mobile phone till the power options appear on the screen.

==> Hold the Power button and the two volume (up and down) Keys at the same time for some time.

==> Continue doing the second step till the touch screen starts working.
Note: the battery may likely discharge during the process.

How to Fix Android Phone That Keeps Freezing| Step 1

==> Tap the App drawer icon to view all your Apps.

==> Tap the Settings icon and go to Backup & Reset, and then to Factory Data Reset.

==> Next is to Tap Erase All Data.

==> Also Tap reformat SD Card.

==> The last action to take is to Tap Reset Phone. Afterwards, your android device will reboot automatically.

How to Fix Android Phone That Keeps Freezing| Step 2

==> Switch off the phone.

==> Press and hold the Volume Down button + Power button at the same.

==> Remove your fingers from both buttons when the Android Recovery menu displays.

==> Use the Volume Down button to scroll to the Factory Reset option, then press the Power button to select the highlighted option. The Reboot System option will appear upon completion of the data wipe or master reset.

==> Go on and Press the Power button to reboot the device, factory settings are restored.

The three steps with the General method of unfreezing an android phone explains how to fix android phone that keeps freezing. Share this post to any person that is having this freezing issue on his/her android mobile device. Use the comment box if you have any questions or contributions.


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