How to Screen Record On iPhone XR/XS/XS Max

IPhone XR is one of the latest models of iPhone devices recently added to Apple collections. This smartphone is filled with power pack tools with diverse functionalities.

One of its outstanding functionalities include screen recording and in this article, I will clearly show you how to screen record on iphone XR easily.

There are so many reasons for recording your smartphone display and they include recording captivating and interesting movie scenes, video calls, gameplays, etc. Most iPhone users are not aware of the screen recording feature on iOS devices and to this effect, they do not know how to go about utilizing it.

Here, I shall walk you through the steps involved in activating iphone XR screen record feature. This method does not involve any sort of iOS jailbreak, all that is needed is for you to go to your app store and download any of the enlisted mobile apps.

With the mentioned applications, you can save the screen recorded videos on your file manager app and even upload it to any of the cloud storage services you subscribed to like Dropbox, OneDrive, as well as Email.

Please Note that this procedure also work perfectly on iphone XS and XS Max models.

Steps to Screen Record On iPhone XR, XS and XS Max models

The following steps will help you record iPhone XR screen and XS/XS Max. See how to do it:

ApowerREC Method to screen record iPhone XS/XS Max/XR screen

1. Download and install ApowerREC from your App Store by clicking on this link.

2. Activate the screen recorder by heading to “Settings” and then tap on “Control Center.”

3. Next is to tap on “Screen Recording”, and press and hold the screen recorder icon for a few seconds. You can now select “ApowerREC”, and then tap “Start Broadcast”. The recording will start after counting to three.

See how to Screen Record On iPhone XR

4. The next action is to start screen recording anything you want, such as interesting movie scenes, video calls, gameplays, etc.

5. Once you’re done with step 4, end the recording by pressing the screen recording button in Control Center.

Use ApowerRec to Screen Record On iPhone XR

6. To confirm the screen recording, you can playback the video as you like.

7. To add your camera feed or insert audio, simply tap the file and then choose the corresponding function which you can find on the lower portion of the screen.

Record iPhone XR screen with built-in screen recorder

You may not be aware of this as an iOS user but it is possible to screen record your iPhone XR or any other iOS model using the built-in iPhone screen recorder. It is 100 percent compatible with the iOS systems and it does not require the assistance of any third-party application.

All you need to do is to activate this iPhone screen recording feature from your settings and you are good to go. The following steps will help you to activate iPhone XR built-in screen recorder:

Use built-in screen recorder to record iPhone XR screen

1. To activate screen recording, go to your iPhone’s “Settings” and navigate to “Control Center”. The iPhone screen recorder is activated by adding it to Control Center’s app list.

The screen recorder is only added once. So, you can continue with the next steps if your screen recorder is already added on Control Center.

2. Next is to swipe up till the Control Center is launched and then simply tap the “Screen Recorder” icon to start the recording process.

3. Now, you can start capturing whatever you want to on your iPhone screen.

4. After you are done screen recording on iphone XR, launch back the Control Center. This time, tap the screen recording icon to stop the recording.

Use built-in screen recorder to record iPhone XR/XS and XS Max screens

5. The files being screen recorded will then be saved in the local photo album.

Use TechSmith Capture to Screen Record On iPhone XR

If the above methods mentioned above to screen record on iphone devices doesn’t suit you, you can try out this cool third-party application method. The name of the app is TechSmith Capture and aside from the screen recording capability, it has video and image editing capabilities.

Its makers are known for making desktop screen recorders. TechSmith capture is an “install and use” app with the feature to share your screen recorded video into Camtasia or Snagit for further editing.

See how to use TechSmith Capture to Record iPhone XR screen:

1. Click here to download and install TechSmith from App Store.

2. As usual, ensure that the screen recording function is enabled on the Control Center.

3. Next, open the app and then tap the “Record’ button which is seen at the upper left hand side of the screen.

How to Use TechSmith Capture to Screen Record On iPhone XR

4. Once a new window pops up, hit “Start Broadcast” and the recording will start automatically.

5. To terminate your recording and save your screen recorded file on your phone’s gallery, launch back the screen recorder and then press “Stop”.

How to Use TechSmith Capture to Screen Record On iPhone XR


You can screen record On iPhone XR, XS/XS Max and even iPhone X using any of the methods mentioned above in this article. Don’t miss any of those captivating, unforgettable and breath taking moments that needs to be screen recorded on your iPhone due to lack of knowledge on how to record iPhone XR screen.


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