instagram and facebook linking for photo sharing

The link established between facebook page and instagram account is to share instagram post (mainly photos) on facebook page.

This connection can be viewed as a way of helping business owners, celebrities reach out their fans on their facebook page just in a click.

Recent online survey has shown that business owners reach their target consumers easier and faster just by advertising their products on the internet.

The advertisement can be a paid or free advert, paid adverts are handled by advertisement companies like Google Adwords, facebook, instagram, and so on.

Instagram facebook can be used as a great tool to sell your products and handwork online by making use of the facebook page and instagram and they are all free.

Instagram, a video and photo sharing online platform can be linked to a facebpok page in order to fast track the sharing of photos on facebook page in a short notice without copying the link or sharing it on facebook page.

How to link Instagram and Facebook page to share instagram post

== > Open the Instagram App and tap on the Profile icon

== > locate the settings icon and tap on it. It is found at the upper right hand side of the screen beside the Edit your profile button.instafacebook linking

== > Tap on “Linked Accounts

== > go to Facebook and tap on itinstafacebook linking for photo sharing

== > here, you can either Tap “Log in with the Facebook app” or “Log in with phone or email” to link your account. For first timers who have not linked their facebook account, you may need to add in your facebook account information.

After successfully carrying out the above linking procedures, you will be provided with an option to share a post to Facebook from the same screen where you add a caption.

You can choose which Facebook page your Instagram photos go to if you own more than one page and you can also modify the way Instagram posts photos on your facebook page by tweaking and resetting your options through the same steps.


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