Free Public WiFi is available everywhere, from railway stations, airports to malls and restaurants. Most of us like to use free Wi-Fi on the go. But remember, free wireless internet connections are not always safe to use.

It can be dangerous sometimes to use Open Network Wi-Fi because they are not encrypted and can increase the chances of hacking your data.

But there is no need to avoid using them to come online if you take some precautionary measures. In this article, we have shared some points to prevent any danger and stay safe on Public WiFi.

How to stay safe on Public WiFi

1. Keep phone updated with the latest firmware and software

Keeping your smart phone updated does not just add new features, but also adds many safety features. An updated phone firmware and software not only protect a phone user from attacks via public Wi-Fi but also shields you from online hackers and fraudsters.

2. Install Mobile Anti-Virus Tools

Before using a free public Wi-Fi, make sure that the phone has an anti-virus or security software installed. This adds an extra security layer.

3. Slow Public Wi-Fi means ‘Danger’

It is abnormal for you to have a slow internet connection while on public wireless fidelity, it is better to avoid such Wi-Fi connection.

If this happens continuously, it may be that somebody is trying to break into the network.


4. Do not do Online Shopping or Banking

Online banking or shopping is never safe on public Wi-Fi. Sniffing scammers can use many tools to steal your precious and sensitive details.

5. Use Two-Factor Authentication

With Two-Factor Authentication, you have ensured that the online service you are using is logged in from your own end only.

From banking to online payments, two- factor authentication method asks for your password first and then an OTP comes on mobile to verify the log in. This way, your account has two layered security.

6. Turn off Wi-Fi after finishing work

This is a very simple trick. It is unwise to keep your phone connected continuously. After finishing the work, turn off or disconnect from the free public Wi-Fi.

7. Do not connect to Wi-Fi without VPN

When you connect to a public Wi-Fi, you should use a VPN service. It adds additional security to your connection.

Many VPN services have free VPN mobile apps that you can install on your device easily and be assured of having your network connectivity safe from others.

We hope you will now take care of these points while using Free Public Wi-Fi networks. If you have any queries on this topic, please feel free to comment down below.


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