procedure on how to switch between languages in windows 10

It is really annoying when you type in one language and get the result in another language. This is because the Keyboard layout was set up in a wrong language. You can switch between languages in windows 10 by using a Powerful windows application known as Langover.

LangOver supports any language. The software can convert from any language to English and from English to any language.

Download Langover and install it. After you have installed the program start it or double click the system try Icon.

Procedure on how to switch between languages in windows 10

To switch between languages in windows 10, set Your Keyboard language to a Different one from Control panel ==> Regional and language options. After that type in some text In Notepad and You will Notice some weird letters Getting printed.

To restore the text back to English select the entire Sentence and Hit the shortcut key “F10″.  The whole sentence is converted back to English instantly. Simple and perfect In case You have a Multilingual working environment.

Other Useful features of Langover

Apart from changing languages, Langover has some Useful features. The following are some of the Useful features of the software:

Convert Lowercase to Uppercase and vice versa: The app can be used to convert lowercase characters to Uppercase and Vice Versa. Select the text or sentence that you wish to convert and hit the shortcut key “Shift + F10“. However if your sentence or text contains mixed cases then the app judges the case of the first character and converts the whole sentence to the compliment of the First characters case.

Search Google: You can search any text or sentence over at Google. Just select a Phrase that you wish to search and Hit the shortcut Key Control + G. The app opens a new Browser window containing your search query at Google.

Reverse any Text using a Hotkey: If you want to reverse a text or a sentence just Use the Shortcut key “F6″.  The app reverses the text instantly. Only the position of the word gets reversed while the letters are kept intact within the words. So this makes the reversed sentence readable (if not meaningful).

Note that reversing of text is possible only in case you are using a windows program like notepad and not any browser application (e.g. email or Browser address bar).

This is a well simplified procedure to switch between languages in windows 10. To get more Updates of this Useful app you can Follow Langover on twitter or visit the Support Forums

Download: Langover


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