How to turn on or off iphone without the power button

Apple’s iPhone is one of the costliest devices in the world. What if you found yourself in a scenario where your iPhone, whatever the model it is, its power button stopped working? One of the best options is to learn how to turn on or off iPhone without making use of the damaged power button.

Whether your child broke it while playing or you accidentally dropped it somewhere, there could be several reasons why your iPhone’s power button is not working. And Even if you have kept your iPhone intact since you bought it, Apple has a history of manufacturing devices with faulty lock buttons which creates a problem in the long run and it is out of our control as well.

So there is still a possibility that you end up with a dead lock button on your iPhone or any other Apple Device running iOS if you have been using it for a while, even if you have taken some serious care of your phone. Whatever the reason may be, if the lock button of your iPhone has stopped working then it may be a big problem for you. Without the lock button, you not only lose the control to put your phone in sleep mode but you cannot turn it off either whenever it’s needed.

If your iPhone mobile power button is stuck on its way, you don’t need to panic about locking and unlocking your smartphone without power button. Thankfully, not everything is lost since Apple offers an alternative way to switch OFF and ON your iPhone without the lock button using the Assistive Touch option.

How to Turn OFF iPhone without Power Button

Here is a step by step guide on how you can turn off iPhone without the lock button. If you are using a newer version of iOS and you have access to Siri, you can simply tell her to “Turn on AssistiveTouch” and jump to step 4 or if you are using an older version follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone and then open the Settings menu. Once you have opened the Settings, scroll down to find the General option and then click on it.

turn on or off iphone without button

Step 2: Clicking on the General menu, it will open a new menu, from there scroll down and find the Accessibility option. Again click on it which will open new options.

steps to turn on or off iphone without the power button

Step 3: Locate the Assistive Touch option, click on it and then tap on the toggle button which should turn on the Assistive Touch Button located at the bottom right corner of your screen.

learn steps to turn on or off your iphone without power button

Step 4: Once you see the Assistive Touch button, click on it which will open a new window on your screen containing 5 buttons or options. Click on the Device option.

turn on or off iphone without the power button

Step 5: When you tap on the Device option, the 5 options in the newly opened window would be replaced with 5 new options.

How to turn on or off my iphone without the power button

Step 6: In the new options, you’ll see the option named Lock Screen which would work the same as your lock button. Touch and hold it until the slide to power off option appears on the screen.

steps to turn on or off your iphone without power button


Step 7: Now simply slide the button to put your iPhone to sleep like you do when you open it with the lock button. With this, your iPhone should turn off as it does normally.

How to Lock iPhone without Power Button

You can also use the same steps to lock iPhone without lock button. To do so, just tap the lock button once instead of holding it to off as shown in step 6.

How to Turn ON iPhone without Power Button

Please note that if your lock button is completely dead and you switch it off using the Assistive Touch option as shown above, then you’ll need to plug it to a power source in order to turn it back on. If you have just locked it then you can unlock your iPhone without power button by tapping the home button and drawing you unlock pattern or typing your unlock pin if you use any.

The same steps can be followed to unlock your iPad or iPod as well if you somehow end up with a dead or unresponsive power button in any of its mobile, iPad, iPod devices running any version of iOS.


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