How to Use Less Cellular Data and Battery on Snapchat

Facebook zaps data, well Snapchat is also guilty of this treachery somehow. But there are a couple of settings which is helpful to limit how much data and battery the app consumes, because whether you believe it or not, the application is working on the background without our consent.

When you are done reading this guide, we believe that you would be able to save up some battery. So how do I make snapchat use less data? See, what I always do is this;

Please Note: this quick fix guide is for Android smartphone users.

How to get snapchat to use less data


This is an old trick which only a few people knows about. Whenever you are on travel mode you save data and battery life.

SnapChat app continuously preload snaps and stories in the background without your consent but once you enable travel mode, this background process stops thereby prolonging your cellular data plan and phone battery life.

How to Enable Travel Mode

==> Swipe down to access the main menu

==> Tap the gear icon positioned at the top right corner of the screen

==> Scroll down a bit and select Manage Preferences.

==> Finally, enable the Travel Mode option. Once you are done with the above mentioned steps, Snapchat wont preload snaps or stories until you click on them.


Snapchat often check for location updates in the background. This feature is one of the heaviest smartphone battery drainers. It drains your battery even when you are not making use of the app. It makes use of the Geo-filers.

How to Disable Location Permission

If you really want to save your cellular data and battery on Snapchat application then you have to consider disabling your location. Simply head to the Apps tab which can be found in your android settings. Select Snapchat and then choose Permissions.


Once that is selected, just disable the location option and confirm your choice when prompted.

This is a quick fix for saving data and a great battery life, the tips will surely help you.


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