The Latest Advanced Mac tips and tricks

Your Apple computer is an amazing tool. There are so many Mac tips and tricks hidden inside of it that many users don’t know about.

You can utilize these tips to navigate your Mac with even more efficiency. Some of these instances are sneaky functionality upgrades and others are things you might have forgotten about. Here are the top and best tips from xrayontech-Mac.

Advanced Mac Tips and Tricks for Operating Apple Computers

1. Turn On “Night Shift” for a Better Night’s Sleep

The latest macOS update comes with a feature that has been available on iOS devices for quite some time–Night Shift. This feature changes your Mac’s display from blue light to a warmer tint.

Blue light has been shown to cause insomnia, so open up the Displays section of System Preferences and schedule Night Shift to turn on a few hours before you sleep.

2. Use Siri to Change Your Settings

It is easy to forget that Siri is there just waiting to help you out. If you haven’t gotten over the awkward feeling of talking to your computer, you should now!

You can save time by telling Siri to turn on Bluetooth, increase brightness, or–you guessed it–turn on Night Shift. There is no need to scour System Preferences menus to change settings. Just talk to Siri!

3. Use Spotlight for Currency Conversions

Spotlight is useful for more than just searching your Mac for files. You can perform quick conversions. Just type in something along the lines of, “$500 in Euros” and you will get what you are looking for, along with plenty of other currency conversions.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Macs are full of secret functionalities that are being discovered everyday.

Each update seems to come with something new to make a user-friendly product even more user-friendly. If you need help with more tips on how to use your Mac, stay in touch with us for more updates on Mac PC.


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