how to Lock and Unlock an android Smartphone Using Google Assistant

Steps to Lock and Unlock an android Smartphone Using Google Assistant
Today, we will be guiding you on how to lock and unlock an android mobile device using one of the most reliable artificial intelligence, Google assistant.

The 21st century has saw a sharp increase on the use of artificial intelligence both at home and in the office. It has proven to be a great tool for solving most of our day-to-day problems starting from playing music and videos to checking traffic.

Just like Siri which is Apples AI on iOS, Google assistant is used by mobile smartphones running on android operating system, but it is not all the android versions. Android 5.0 (lollipop) and above can run the Google assistant app smoothly if it is not already installed in it. After the installation, you need to confirm whether the feature is enabled on your smart phone device.

You check if it is enabled by opening your Google app and tap the three-bar menu button. Then go to settings==>Google Assistant to check it. The Google assistant app is pre-installed in android 7.0 Nougat and above. All you have to do after acquiring a new android smart phone (android Nougat and above) is to enable the feature and grant Google the necessary permissions.

We will quickly head straight to the procedure to lock and unlock an android device using Google’s AI.

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Steps to Lock and Unlock an android Smartphone Using Google Assistant

==> First of all, secure your smart phone with any of the available android security systems (password, fingerprint, patter or PIN).

==> Once you have done that, go to your settings app and head straight to Security.

==> Tap the Smart Lock tab and input your Password.

==> If you didn’t find the Smart Lock tab on your device, go to Settings>>Security and scroll down to Trusted Agents.

==> Select Trusted Voice or Voice Match.

==> With an active internet connection, tap “Say “Ok Google anytime”.

==> Next is to follow Google’s routine process of recognizing your voice.

==> After that, tap on retain voice and input any of your chosen security systems (Pattern, Fingerprint, PIN or Password)

==> Undergo another Google’s routine process to train Google to recognize your voice only by saying OK Google. The routine process is mandatory if you want to lock and unlock an android mobile phone using your voice.

==> Finally, tap I Agree to continue, and you are done with the setup.

The above procedure is the fastest way to lock and unlock an android smart device using Google Assistant. With your voice, you can secure your phone and it’s quite a reliable phone security system.


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