Key Techniques to Charge Android Phone Faster

To charge your android phone faster is a big deal especially when you have a high phone battery capacity and an urgent need of your device that would consume a whole lot of battery. More than 60 percent of smartphones used globally today runs on android operating system and that’s an indication that the operating system is loved by all.

To some users, its regarded as the best operating system because of its limitless, free and powerful features and the ability of its users to configure it the way they like without damaging the system files.

Of course we all know that mobile phones can’t function without the battery having some percentage of charge in it. Phone batteries are charged with devices dubbed Chargers. A device with USB pins at both ends of the cable and an adapter with a USB port on its head or side, depending on the way it is built, for attaching the cable.

If you have been asking yourself any of these questions; why isn’t my phone charging fast? Or why is my phone charging so slow? Then this article will surely give you a clear answer as to how to charge your android phone faster.

The techniques provided in those post is not peculiar to charging mobile phones running on Android operating system. It is also applicable to charging other smartphones with different operating systems.

Key Techniques to make your Android Phone Charge faster

Use Airplane Mode While Charging

Can a phone charge faster in airplane mode? Yes. Over time, the activation of airplane mode has proven to be the best method or technique to charge android phones faster. Have it in mind that your mobile network stops upon activation of airplane mode.

You wont be able to connect to the internet and receive or make calls with your phone. It has been confirmed by most android smartphone users that this trick tend to increase your phones charging speed up to 40%. This is the best trick to use if you want to charge your android phone faster.

Charging Android Phone in Switch off Mode

Can charging a phone while its switched off increase the charging speed? Yes. For an instant increase in the charging speed, you are advised to switch off your mobile device while charging it. When we switch off our smartphone, the battery consumption is zero. This increases the charging speed.

Turn Off WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, Mobile Data

It is better to charge your android smartphone without putting on any of these; internet connection, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi etc. They consume more battery and also decrease the mobile phones battery charging speed.

Use Original USB Cable and adapter On Mobile

Always use those products which are specially designed for your android mobile. The products are designed and manufactured by the company specifically for that android mobile device and its compatibility is second to none.


We are advising you to always implement some, if not all of the techniques provided above if you want to charge your android phone faster.


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