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Let us start by having the overview knowledge of what a GBWhatsApp App is.

It is an MOD application of the original or official whatsapp App with more features. It is unofficial and not legit or you can say it is the pirated version of the official whatsapp.

GBWhatsApp is compatible with all android devices and the security of your files (chats and media) is guaranteed. This Modified WhatsApp App can be installed and run alongside the original WhatsApp without issues.

It has a dedicated privacy options for dual WhatsApp accounts and it is also built to distinguish between regular and collective messages. It can send up to 30MB videos and over 50 Images at the same time.

In addition to already stated features, GBWhatsapp group comes with counter statistics feature and media can be viewed without loading the application. There is an option to hide date and name.

With GBWhatsapp, you are at liberty to use two whatsapp accounts on the same android device. This feature is mostly used by those who will like to differentiate their private whatsapp account that are meant for families and close friends from business Whatsapp accounts.

GB whatsapp app is one of those whatsApp MOD software that are regarded as the best because it has the feature that you can use to hide your online status.

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How to migrate to GBWhatsApp from official Whatsapp without losing conversations

== > Backup your WhatsApp files (Chats and Media).

== > From this link Here, Download WATOGB.

== > Initiate the WATOGB App by opening it and then press the WATOGB button

== > Next is to exit the App

== > After completing the above steps, download and install your GBWhatsApp then restore chats, you are done.

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