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Mozilla Firefox is a web browser that has a desktop version for PCs and laptops, and mobile version for mobile phones. The application is known for its fast connectivity, security and reliability and in summary, its wide range of users who are looking for every means possible to bypass some procedures using the Firefox shortcuts keys.

After carrying out online and offline analysis, we have compiled a list of shortcut keys that are mostly used by Mozilla Firefox users.

Firefox users can’t do without it in their daily dealings and they aid in the fast and efficient execution of tasks with the popular web browser.

Top 10 Mozilla firefox shortcuts for firefox users


Did you mistakenly close a tab you don’t want to close in Mozilla Firefox? Do not worry, press Ctrl+Shift+T to undo any tab closed. Pressing this multiple times will open closed tabs.

Ctrl+T and middle-click

Don’t be confused here, middle-click means clicking the middle mouse button which is often the scroll wheel.

To open a link in a new tab, press Ctrl+T and then middle-click.


To Close the current page without clicking the close tab at the side of the web page tab, press Ctrl+W.

Ctrl+L or F6

For a quick navigation to get the URL address bar, press this function key.

Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab

You can move between open tabs by pressing any of these function keys.

Ctrl+F orĀ /

You can search for a keyword or text on a web page by pressing Ctrl+F, it opens the find feature.

You can as well press the forward slash (/) to execute the same command.


Open bookmark window for a page that is being viewed.


To Open the Download Manager window, press Ctrl+J.

Ctrl+<plus>, Ctrl+<minus>, and Ctrl+0

These shortcut keys are to increase or decrease the font size. Pressing Ctrl+<plus symbol> will increase the font size while pressing Ctrl+<minus symbol> will decrease the font size, and if you want to use the default font, press Ctrl+0.


To Make the screen full screen, removing all toolbars and status bars, press the Firefox shortcut key F11.

Feel free to use the comment box to tell us other Firefox shortcut keys you think are missing and remember to share this article with friends and family.


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