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If you want to save data on your android device, Opera max apk can be a great choice. Streaming audio, video and music, surfing the internet, playing an online game, etc. eat up your mobile data a lot.

But, opera max is placed between apps and data and it reduces the data usage which helps you to save money. Also, it compresses text and photos, videos, music, etc. to save mobile data plan.

In addition to that, it restricts and blocks the apps that need lots of data. The apk decreases not only mobile data but also lower Wi-Fi data.

Download opera max apk latest version [Free]

This android apk has been developed by Opera. You can use this excellent apk without any cost. It is the superb way to save your android mobile data.

It can save more than 50% data while using other data apps. Also, the apk displays a statistic of how much data an app uses.

Opera max download link here.

Additional Information

DeveloperMax Apps
Current Version3.4.110 (341100000)
File Size10.7 MB
Required Android VersionAndroid 4.4 and up
Last UpdateSeptember 4, 2018
DeveloperVisit Website

What’s new in the opera max latest version?

>>It offers home screen reporting feature that reports how much data you have used. The Data Manager feature helps you to monitor data.

>>It provides customized tips to save lost data as well as secures user’s personal information.

>>Auto-pilot feature added.

>>Improved all features.

>>Fixes stabilization.

>>Saves data for Facebook.

>>Additional Lock screen feature.

>>Saving timer feature added.

>>Newly added result cards.

Features of opera max

  1. It tracks data usage via the apps that you have installed on your android device. Also, it provides tips on how to reduce data usage. If you follow them correctly, you can save some cash.
  2. Opera max is very much alert about user safety. It always protects user.
  3. It provides privacy thread and data usage report that gives you power and more assistance to manage all apps. As you get the report, you can take action accordance with that.
  4. One of the most exciting features of Opera max is that it provides a data saving tool for Facebook. That means you don’t need to spend money to use Facebook! You can engage and stay connected with friends and family without any cost and data plan.
  5. Opera max compresses photos, videos, audio, etc. to save data.
  6. If your android device has any data-hungry app, Opera max will find it and handle the app appropriately. Then, limit them so that they cannot waste your Wi-Fi and mobile data.
  7. Opera max ensures users safety when they use public Wi-Fi. Also, it keeps safe and protect all your personal information.
  8. If you want to avoid annoying targeted ads, use all your apps in incognito mode. Also, you can prevent data snooper tracking.
  9. It provides great security. When you are in a crowded Wi-Fi network or weak signal, it boosts your wi-fi connectivity.

Why Choose Opera max?

To save mobile data and Wi-Fi network: When you activate the apk, your mobile data reaches to your device through this service. It compresses all videos and photos, filter all unnecessary data that you don’t need. Thus, it saves your Android device data and Wi-Fi network.

Protects the user: Opera max keeps you secure while using the public Wi-Fi network. It uses encryption to protect your personal information and keep you secured from spies.

Blocks data consuming apps: Apps can be graded most times according to the quantity of data they consume, some apps consume more data than average. Opera max helps you to find out those apps. Also, let you restrict and block them from using data from your Android device to prevent miss-use of mobile data.

Frequently asking questions (FAQ)

Question: How does Opera max work?

Answer: When you activate the privacy and data saving mode, all your apps content will be encrypted and compressed using opera max’s server. Then, it reduces your data waste and saves data usage up to 50%.

Question: Can I get more time in privacy and saving mode? And how?

Answer: Of course, you will get more time in privacy and saving mode. You can do it just in one single tap. Tap on Opera max app button, either in privacy and data saving mode. That will give you more than six hours protection and savings.  When the time is over, the Opera max will notify you. Then, just tapping the saving button, you will add more time again.

Question: How can I know I’m in saving mode or I’m saving data?

Answer: It is easy as anything. When the data saving mode of Opera max is turned OFF, it gives you a report of data you have used and how much data you could have saved.

Question: How can I remove timer button? Is there anyway?

Answer: Yes, you can do it. VIP mode offers unlimited time for your privacy and security. Just “On” VIP mode switch if you want to gain access to Opera max features.

Opera max apk is also concerned about your privacy as well as data saving. It alerts you when your online security is threatened. This means you are at liberty to save data and be safe at all times. So, enjoy chatting, browsing, playing, streaming without fear of data usage and privacy.


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