Procedures to delete Facebook account permanently

Are you in search of a guide to aid you delete Facebook account permanently? Look no further because we are going to reveal to you the steps involved in getting your Facebook account deleted or removed permanently from the platform.

Most of the online forums have been populated with questions like; how to delete Facebook account forever? How do I permanently delete my Facebook account? Or some members will even beg you to delete their Facebook account immediately.

A clear understanding of some of the questions above indicates that they no longer want to be on Facebook. They want their Facebook account deleted.

So many reasons could lead to someone deleting its Facebook account. It could be as a result of high rate of fake accounts on Facebook, fraudsters using it as a tool to defraud unsuspecting Facebook users by marketing none existing, or fake products, or through an unknown means and so on.

How to deactivate Facebook account

Aside learning how to delete Facebook account permanently, we will briefly show you how to deactivate Facebook account.

How to deactivate facebook account on Desktop or PC browser

==> Click on the drop-down Menu located at the top-right section of your screen and go to Settings.

==> Click the General Tab on the top-left and Go to Edit. Scroll down to locate the “Deactivate My Account” link at the bottom.

How to deactivate facebook account on app

If you are making use of Facebook on your mobile device application and wish to deactivate your Facebook account,

==> Go to Settings, Tap Account Settings.

==> Move to General, and then go to Manage Account.

==> Finally, Tap Deactivate.

Once you deactivate your Facebook account, your Facebook timeline will be wiped clean and you cannot have access to the Facebook site, or even access the social media via its mobile App.

Facebook deactivation means that your Facebook friends can neither tag you in a post nor contact you by messaging or any other means.

All third party apps linked to your account will be lost but Facebook will not delete your account. The only way to get back on Facebook after deactivation is through Reactivation of your Facebook account. You can download a copy of all your Facebook posts, photos, videos, chats after deactivation by heading straight to Settings Menu >> General.

How to permanently delete facebook account

Let’s look at how to delete Facebook account permanently in the following simple steps.

==> You can go to the Delete My Account Page or click on the help icon seen at the top right corner of your Facebook account page.

==> On the search bar, type “Deactivate account” and press the enter key.

After that, follow the processes that appear on your screen to permanently delete your Facebook account.

With the steps outlined on this Page, you can delete your Facebook account permanently or deactivate your Facebook account.


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