factory reset samsung android

There are so many reasons why one may decide to hard reset Samsung phone. For example if you forget your password, your phone is freezing and for so many other personal reasons.

Whatever, your reason to hard reset Samsung phone powered by android, this method will work for you. Samsung android phone or tablets such as; Samsung S3 mini, Samsung S4 mini, Samsung Galaxy chat, Samsung Tab1, Samsung Tab2, Samsung Tab3, Samsung Tab 4, Samsung S4, Samsung S3, Samsung S5, Samsung Zoom’s and Samsung S5 mini etc.

There are a whole lot of android powered phones you can use this method to hard reset your phone to factory settings but the aforementioned are the phones I have used this method with.

Note: Using this method to hard reset Samsung phone, you will lose everything you have on the phone. Such as the phone numbers you stored on the phone, the pictures and music you stored on the phone etc.

Things to do before you reset a Samsung phone that is locked

  1. Make sure the phone battery is well charged
  2. Remove your Sim card
  3. Remove your memory card

How to reset a Samsung Phone that is locked

Step 1. First turn off your phone.

Step 2. Press and hold tightly VOLUME UP BUTTON and HOME MIDDLE BUTTON

Step 3. Press Power until the phone vibrate and you see an Android Logo

Step 4. When you see the appearance of the Android logo, release all the buttons.

Step 5. Then select wipe data/Factory reset with the Volume down Button, when you get to the wipe data/factory reset, Press the power button on the right side.

Step 6. Select “YES” —— delete all users’ data with the Volume down button and then press power after that. Press power again to reboot phone and select “REBOOT SYSTEM NOW”.

After all this, your phone will begin to hard reset back to factory settings. This may take a while, don’t panic.


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