The Basics of Security Camera Installation for Home and Office

Are you struggling to install a security camera at your home or office? Don’t worry! In this post, we have discussed the basics of installing security cameras at your home or workplace.

Most of the security cameras are quite expensive and sometimes if wrongly mounted can cost you much more. However, there are numerous cameras out there in the market that can be purchased at a low cost.

These are the basic things required to install a security camera:

Mounting Kit

Power Adapter and Receiver

60ft Cable

Now, let’s see how to install a security camera.

Plan Ahead: Make a small adjustment for installing one camera in the beginning. Once you do it right, you can fit the remaining cameras one by one.

It doesn’t look good if you have drilled many holes and the camera angle looks poor after installation. So, to avoid such things, start with one.

Get to Know about the Entry Points of Your Home: The entry points of home are more vulnerable, so make sure you purchase more cameras to fit each point. Install two cameras near the front door: one with the top facing down and one in the long range.

This helps you to identify the faces clearly and also what the intruder is doing at that point of time.

Near to the Plug: Some cameras require power to operate, while a few are battery-powered cameras. If your security cameras are battery operated, then you can place the security cameras away from the socket, but if your cameras require power to operate, you must place them near the plug point.

Placing cameras near the plug point would reduce the use of running long wires around the home.

Proper Mounting: Indoor cameras can be put on any bookshelf or table top. But, outdoor cameras require permanent mounting as they cannot be moved like indoor cameras.

Before mounting the camera, make sure that it can monitor the entire view outdoors.

Find the Centre Point: Most of the cameras come with a 60ft cable for each. To avoid additional wire purchase, find a central point to fit the DVR.

Some of the wireless cameras need not follow this central point concept. But still, if they are placed in central location, one can get glitch-free videos.

These are the basic installation tips to install security cameras at home or workplace. Hope these tips have given clarity about what is required to be done.


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