How to set up a picture password

A Picture Password is a feature added to computers running on windows 8 and above. It is a new way devised by Microsoft Inc. for users to sign into their computers without undergoing the tiring hassle of typing their regular passwords.

Before this moment, users of windows 8 and above normally sign in by manually typing alpha or numeric, or alphanumeric set of passwords or PINs. This may gradually phase out due to the introduction and widely acceptance of windows picture password. So start getting yourself familiarized with this latest computer security system.


Why you should use Picture Passwords

You should use this form of security password because it is easier to remember than PINs. It is also faster and fun to use.

How does it work on windows?

While trying to sign in via Picture Password, you have to draw shapes, tap the right points, or make the right gestures over an image that you choose in advance in windows 8 or 10. At sign in, you always have the option of using your regular password instead of the picture password or PIN you have set up. All you have to do is click the Sign-in options tab and then choose which way you want to sign in.

What do you need to succeed in this tutorial?

Just an image or photo of your choice and thats it.

How to set up a picture password

Here it is, just follow these simple steps.

==> In the Windows 10 menu, go to the Start button and click Settings. You can as well press Windows+I.

==> Then locate the Accounts sub-menu in settings and click it.

==> So when you are into accounts, go to “Sign-in Options” located just below your email address accounts, you will see the picture password menu, click the Add tab to continue.

==> In order to create a picture password, you will be asked to enter your administrator or user password for the session, just add your credentials then click OK.

==> Click on Choose Picture (JPEG, PNG, GIF ). After selecting the picture, click the Use this Picture button to continue or click the Choose new picture button if you want to pick another picture.

==> Configure your gestures (action)
You will now have to perform three drawings on the selected image. Everything is allowed, circles, straight lines, points However, what is of importance is the size, position, direction of motion and the order in which you do all this. Then, memorize well the whole drawing process.
Confirm twice your tracks password.

Opt for a simple formula to achieve the mouse or your finger if you use a Microsoft Surface tablet. And after 3 consecutive movements your picture password is ready to be used. Congratulations!!

When done, you can read that everything went well. You can now log on to Windows 10 directly via the three movements you have made on the photo while setting it up or still entering your password on the keyboard (always active method).


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