best whatsapp status video download app

Today, we will be talking about the best whatsapp status video download app for android and iOS mobile devices.

It’s clear to Whatsapp users that is impossible to download your friends lovely status (either pictures or videos) with the official Whatsapp app.

The official Whatsapp app is not programmed at least not for the moment to download users status and you as a user can’t keep telling your friends to share their cool video or pictures directly to you via Whatsapp all the time. So what’s the solution to this everyday Whatsapp challenge?

After too many online assessment and users feedback on most of the android apps used for downloading Whatsapp status, we have picked the best amongst the best whatsapp status download applications.

With this application, you can easily save any Whatsapp user’s status and it can be viewed any time from your phone’s gallery system app.

Note: this information is shared for a good purpose and never to encourage stealing. Always take permission from the user before saving his or her Whatsapp status on your mobile device.

Where to get the best status downloader for whatsapp app

Although the Google play store link provided is for android operating system whatsapp users, iPhone users can as well search for this term “Status Downloader for Whatsapp” on Apple store to get the app we selected as the best status downloader for whatsapp application.

The next action to take after locating the app on the play store is to hit the download button and install it on your mobile device.
The whatsapp status downloader is easy to use and can be understood by anybody.

In the next section of this post, we explained the step by step procedure for using this status download app.

Best status downloader for whatsapp: Usage guidelines

==> After installing the best whatsapp status download app, tap on your App drawer and open Status Downloader for Whatsapp icon.

==> The Next action to take is to Scroll to, and review the whatsapp status you want to save.

==> Hit the save button positioned above the app interface to save your desired whatsapp status to your phone memory.

==> To view your saved status, go to your mobile phone gallery and check your saved status.

Ta Da, you have successfully used the best whatsapp status download application to save your whatsapp friends status.

Please do not forget to take permission from them before saving their status and also Share this post to show that you care.


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