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You are on a trip with some friends, and unfortunately, the hotel where you have made a reservation with lets you access the internet, but only through one Ethernet port. Imagine how many PCs or laptops that Ethernet port has to feed, and what about the smartphones owned by the other guests at the hotel? Are you willing to take turns? That’s the good reason for putting up this article that explains how to turn mac into wifi hotspot.

If you have a MAC laptop or PC, you can take advantage of the system preferences’ sharing pane. MAC OS X enables you to convert your PC to a “simulated” wireless router, so the others can obtain the signal and access the Web.

This is a safe and simple method to acquire several devices online in the event that there is no WiFi available, continue reading if you want to turn mac into wifi hotspot.

Here’s what you can do to turn mac into wifi hotspot

==> The System Preferences has to be opened, and then go to Sharing pane in Internet & Network.

==> Choose Internet Sharing located on the list at the left side, but you need to set a few options first prior to checking Internet Sharing.

==> Choose it from the list of options alongside Share Your Connections From, although it still depends on the present source of your internet.

==> Choose AirPort that is found on the To Computers Using box.

==> It is recommended to secure the WiFi hotspot that you are establishing by making a password to prevent the unwelcomed users from “robbing” your bandwidth. To configure the settings, click the AirPort selections button.

==> You will see the pop-up window, where you will enter a Network Name, and do not forget to check Enable Encryption box (with the use of WEP). Your password should be something that is hard to guess, but easy for you to recall. Keep in mind that this password is to be shared to those you want to access the Web through your shared wireless network. Click the OK button as soon as you are finished.

==> You are now done with the configuration, and the last thing to do is to make sure that the box alongside Internet Sharing is enabled. You will see a confirmation message, and then you have to click Start in order to carry out the procedure.

The internet from the AirPort WiFi card is now sent to the other PCs/laptops or smartphones, and by this time, you should be able to see an icon in the menu bar, which means that you are good to go.

Almost any gadget that has an integrated wireless networking (iPods, Macs, PSPs, and Windows computers) can successfully access the internet, provided that they have entered the correct password. That’s all about the steps involved in turning mac into wifi hotspot

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